Trade Deadline Review

Was going to ask 2 questions with second being grade. So, just put your letter grade in the comments.

I am most happy about this trade deadline because…

  • We showed a commitment to responsible rebuilding.
  • We traded for players and contracts that better meet our needs.
  • We acquired two first round picks.
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Bobby Marks called us one of the winners of the deadline. Man that feels good lol.


I like that they made trades to reset the culture/foundation of the team and picked up two 1sts, but also took on contracts that are very tradeable in July for more goodies.


Also kept flexibilty in case we have an outside chance at a guy like Paul George who I would love to go after.

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Winners for once here.

Also been winning on our last 4 drafts!

New coach coming (but the kids all love Cliff)

Top 5 pick this year.

And the future is bright gents.


Unfortunately, this draft looks bad. No real top end talent. In a cruel twist of fate, I’m very convinced that the hornets finally land the number one pick…in the worst looking draft in two decades. If you think about it, it would be cruelly ironic-and a fate fit for the hornets.

But regardless, any pick within the top 5 would still be a good year to trade for two more future first round draft picks/and more. I’d get out of the top 5 this year via trade just to pick up more future assets.


“A” for me. Hit all the right notes and don’t even feel like we sacrificed “now” for “later.”

Also love that the 1st round picks we acquired are come about right as Melo is wrapping up his contract. So, if things are going great, we have got some pieces to reload. And if it doesn’t workout, we’ve got tools to change directions. Curious to see how that Miami first works out, as their window could close a bit by then. Same with Dallas.

Think the Dallas trade is win-win for everyone. Fully expect PJ to play better more consistently with the guys they have there. That being said, we got a nice return for him with the opportunity for Grant to be a better fit here.

Love that we have some veterans who have had some success on the squad as well as another young guard who can be a rotation player.

Great day.


I’d want to vote for all three, and that signals what a great trade deadline we had!

Hard to fault either trade. Just looking at the PJ trade, I would have preferred we signed Grant Williams in the off-season, rather than PJ. So, to get Grant and a top two protected first (plus Curry) is an excellent return.

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