2021 Draft Lottery Thread

Ben Simmons??? Let’s get Evan Mobley

I’m so pumped for this.

I expect Houston to get the #1 pick and I expect Minny to lose their pick to golden state.

I would also expect for someone outside the top 7 odds to jump into the top 4.

But I am hopeful that we get #1 or #2, but honestly, the top 4 guarantees us a rotation piece immediately.

I expect that the lotto gods can double us up for years of effort and low lotto luck by bumping us into the top 4. Or they could bust us down to 12 for the fortune of getting Ball last year. 11 seems like the unlikely yet its like 88% chance iirc.

Tonight’s the night. I 100% believe we’ll be top 2. At least top 4.

If we get top 2 we will be about to enter probably the greatest era of Hornets basketball

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We get top 2, we have the potential for a dynasty.

Also, I have been seeing the spurs jump up on tankathon more than us. I would hate nothing more in life than to see the Hornets logo on the 12th pick tonight.

I have a feeling we jump, ESPECIALLY if it is rigged. That’s a great feeling because we have never been in the pro column on the pro/con list of teams to jump UNTIL NOW!

Oh well, guess Hornets law prevails. SMH.

Oof no dynasty… yet

Was worried we’d fall

Really wanted Cade to go to HOU if not coming here. Don’t want him in the East but glad he’s not in SE Div for sure

yes, at least we didn’t fall

It could always be worse, so much worse lolol

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He we still get the 11th pick and there will be at least one potential big time difference maker available knowing what we know about past drafts.

I am hopeful.

Also, at least wolves gave Warriors 7th pick instead of 4th. 4th would have sucked, at least 7th you don’t have that top top end talent there


Same thing I’ve said for years against tanking

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DAL, MIA, MIN, and POR don’t have any picks. Haven’t heard much of them trying to get in somewhere. Not sure either have assets they’re willing to give for 11.