Games: 76 through 82

Sorry gang, I can’t feign interest at this point

Need to lose that game against Portland. At this point, top 3 in the lottery is the only hope there is.

Exactly. I hope we sit everyone we can and tank hard for once, at least against Portland

Well you guys wanting to lose will be proud to know it’s summer league tonight. Lol

Scoot Henderson came to play. 15 in the first half

More like his jumper is falling for once

This is terrible bball.

Hopefully a few of these guys aren’t on the team next season

Yeah I had to leave lol.

Will we win the battle of the tank? Feels like we are going to win the game unfortunately

The collective game thread seems to be working too match the performance. I’ll create an evergreen game chat for 78-82 if we win one before the end.

225% increase in prices next year huh?

I love pain, I watched the whole game

That was only for one section - I think the floor baseline seats. But everyone got some type of increase.

We were like 50% increase iirc

Bolden looks Drummond sized

I like him, one of the few bright spots tonight

This is such bad basketball. Love we got Miller tho

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LOL at Walker and Ayton combining for 38 rebounds to our team’s 36.

That we got outrebounded 55-36 and still only lost by 3 is something both teams should be ashamed of.

We did it! Excellent team loss

Ahh got it. Based on performance, there should be a 200% decrease across the board