Game 62: Magic at Hornets

Have lower level tickets available for tonight, shoot me a message if interested

Good man!!

Following precedent and losing the game in one quarter. Soon as they jumped out to a double digit lead we lost the game. Nothing new.

Injuries or not it has become too common place. Steve Clifford can’t keep hiding behind injuries. Our guys never play a complete game. I am sick of it!

I also have had enough of Milicic turning over the basketball and being a piss poor shooter!

WTF won’t coach Clifford play Poku or Bolden? Especially Bolden!

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Somebody tell Clifford Brandon Miller is on this team


Well on the bright side the owners and Peterson are courtside so they have a close look of our excellent coaching


Such a soft foul

If someone did that to us 1000 times, we would not get a single call


Good things happen when 24 creates. We should maybe let him do that more


4 shots in a half for Miller is idiotic. And he barely ever is featured in the offense and he makes us go. It's so damn frustrating

We need to run PnR through him a hell of a lot more

But we will just sit him in the corner weakside like dummies

100 2

Miller dribbles way to high.


Why do our guys get hurt so much. We will never be good bc the basketball gods hate us

And these refs suck ass


Miller got fucking hacked there

That was such bullshit whole arena saw it


Is it just me or is this 1990s basketball tonight

I haven't seen this kind of physicality in ages


Its good the owners are here. At least they can see up close this team needs ALOT of work


In fairness like 6 guys are out lol


We always have at least 3! But you are right sir



Tired of the team losing momentum and being beaten like rented mules.

The work this team needs starts with an identity that isn't attached to coach Clifford.

I am also sick of the inconsistency of Miles Bridges. He now doesn't need to be resigned. Let him underperform elsewhere!

Miles shooting 3-15? Wow!

Coach Clifford is the first person on this team that needs to go and not at the end of the season but after this game. Injuries be damned. Tired of us being in games till late only to lose them sometime in the second half. I saw that as a common occurrence even when we were healthy,