Hornets vs Knicks tonight

Randle spin cycle game

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Game threads are not very popular now days. But I for one wants to say thanks for making it . That shows your love for this bad team.

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I started watching from the 2nd half, and this team is hot trash. Until Mitch makes a move or our starters return, what is the point…

It’s a tough year, atleast a few years ago when we were tanking we had Devonte, Bacon, Monk, Miles and PJ fo be excited about seeing grow every game.

Watching us lose with a bunch of vets and young guys is tough

Got on for the 2nd half. Cool stat about Terry and Oubre both scoring 20 for six games in a row, first time since Crash and JRich led the train wrecks.

Bryce earned 30 minutes this one. 10 and 5 is decent. Nick looked really bad this one, got pulled and didn’t see the court again, even with the kids in.

Jalen back to a dud game. Since he’s good every other game, his consistency is getting better, but can’t be this ineffective on his off nights.

We’re in 3rd place right now, only half a game from 1st.

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Nic is in Cliffords dog house and can’t get out. He through his towells on the court at the end of the game looking pissed.

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I’m heading back to the mindset that Richards ain’t so much…

Honestly Oubre and Rozier are working their tails off but the team is just undermanned. Very happy to see the young guys getting minutes. Kai and McGowens give some hope.

But these guys are just too young and just too raw to get you wins. The most you can hope for is some highlights and some growth. I think we’re getting that from those 2.

First DSJ and now Maledon have proven to be outstanding pickups.

Even though we’re losing I’m still enjoying the games. I wish I could share some of my chill with Coach Cliff. He needs to step back more and remember what he’s dealing with here. I think he’s doing a good job. I hope he can figure a way to manage his stress and enjoy the ride going forward. There is no pressure to win this season. Make the most of that.


Hope Nick not hurt, looks like lame 2021 Nick last 2 games.
But not surprise all these injuries. …1/3 roster out and miles spot making a roster mess.
Only had 5, now down to 3 vets trying to provide some stability on court with all those kids.

Cliff scrambling best can, but with talent available…not surprised not finish season.

Nick is playing like he’s frustrated and he has every right to be. After a string of actual and near double doubles he deserved to be starting or at least playing more than he was. And now after a couple of off nights he’s essentially not playing at all. It’s as if Clifford is trying to break him down. Don’t get it.

That aside though, I still enjoy watching the games. It’s been fun getting to see guys play we wouldn’t otherwise get to see. Seeing Nick, Jalen, Kai and Maledon blossom has been fun. DSJ too before he got hurt. The losing doesn’t bother me at all. If we were losing with all vets that would be tough, but at least we get to see what we have in all these guys so we can make informed decisions going forward.

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I see you noticed the flustation all so in Nic .Cliff Cut his limited playing time while he was defending and rebounding better than Plumlee.

Yeah, it’s just very bizarre, especially given how high Clifford was on him coming into the season. He’s far exceeded those expectations but his usage has never seemed to align with his productivity. If we’re noticing that, Nick certainly has to be as well. Would be frustrating for anyone.

Nick played 20 good games, 2 year did nothing is now entitled & angry over 8 minutes?
Send crying immature Nick to Greensboro away from other young & give minutes to Kai, JT, Mark.

Seems a bit harsh


That is being nice.
If how he react is choosing to play bad…
Nip this bad behavior now, get others younger better long term playing time.

Or Use Jamaican Magic so veteran DSJ & Hayward aren’t hurt again
or get swap veteran forward deal Mitch accept, better than
plumlee & Boucknight for McDermot
PJ…Bullock or Crowder

A lot of assumptions being made here. I merely said he appears to be frustrated. I certainly can’t speak to his state of mind but regardless, I’m fairly confident he’s not choosing to play poorly out of protest over playing time. Everyone has off nights and his body of work this season has been overwhelmingly positive. If he truly is feeling frustration I think he’d have every right to, but he’s done nothing to my knowledge to suggest he has a bad attitude or has displayed behavior that needs to be nipped.


No problem.
if? he behaving this way then gotta do this…but If he is not then you don’t