Knicks Come to Charlotte

Let’s make it six wins

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Uninspiring start. Horrible, and I mean horrible paint defense. We had to yank Lamelo to get him 2 mins rest for the rotation that we dont change for any team and now we are down 12.

We can’t guard the 3

well we are back to the old Hornets again. time to lose like 5 in a row.

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Ok. lets keep this energy up. I wish we’d play hard for the whole game though. Not sure why we don’t.

We have to keep this energy up the end of this quarter. Assuming we are putting in bench

Well… as well as I feel we played that quarter, we only made up 1 point. Not looking good.

On the road listening to the game so I’m unable to watch. This is such vintage hornets. Winning 5 in a row and then shitting a brick against an undermanned knicks team. Oh well. 5 in a row was nice. But as someone else said, now it’s time to lose 5 in a row.

These young players need more work with sports performance psychologist. The team in general does. It’s amazing how they lose focus and absolutely snowball at times. I really do think this team’s problem is between their ears sometimes.

Still the 4th left. Wouldn’t be surprised to see the hornets blast the knicks out of the water in the fourth and win it.

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This league is rigged against us I swear

It does get pretty silly sometimes

We had 5 twam fouls before the knicks got their first in the 4th

Oh and the knicks are coming off a game the played last night. To add to how trash this loss is

I just want to point out that Lamelo kept us in the game, we played him the entire 2nd and 3rd quarters, and he sat the first 6 of the 4th when we needed a pop.

He needed to come in at 8 min mark at the latest

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Count this as one of the more embarrassing losses of the season.

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The concerning part is that this is the second straight game we’ve come out flat against a bad team. We were able to turn on the gas late against the Pels and gut out the win, which was impressive, but these slow starts definitely can’t become a trend (again).


Embarrassing, the mark of an immature team and an immature coach



Founding, I haven’t heard you weigh in on coach JB. Thoughts?

I know right. He was hot in the 3rd. JB waited way too long to put him back in. So frustrating.

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I will definitely agree with the Melo usage being an issue tonight. It’s not like IT was on fire or anything. And when he’s cooking you can’t ice him that long.

But, this game was annoying from the standpoint of why we don’t have a killer instinct. Won 5 in a row, they have nothing to play for, and to come out and go through the motions just doesn’t add up again.

It’s kind of maddening like I can accept losing a lot of different ways but this inconsistent energy thing, like someone said earlier maybe they need a shrink for some of these guys lol.


It’s like they think they are the Warriors or something. They think they are so good, that they can win not trying… or just limp into the playoffs and still win. I just don’t get it.