This is the Knicks One

Somewhat of an important game tonight

PJ going off. 17 points in the first quarter

I can’t wait until the Martins are riding our bench

What did VC look like in the few minutes he was in? See goose eggs for stats.

We are playing well but beating the red hot Knicks at MSG is asking a bit much!

It was a good game for a while but the wheels are coming off!

Knicks are literally barely guarding the martins and fronting everyone else. They are baiting them into these horrible possessions. The Martins are playing right into their hands.

I see the writing on the wall. I can’t bare to follow this game any further.

Knicks turned up the defense in the 2nd half, Thibodeau really has them defending well like he always does with his teams. But if we get our studs back I think we can handle them. They shot the ball really well too, not their typical performance from 3.

We get that matchup late in the season and take the season series, that could be important for seeding. By then we should have everyone except for maybe Gordon.

PJ playing well once again is a great sign though. Him coming off the bench may be something psychological maybe?