Will someone please make a Knicks game thread?

We need this game, with the 76ers coming up Saturday. Super important. Hope we continue to build on the lead heading to the 4th quarter.

When in the hell is Hayward coming back?


With Hayward this would be an easy game!

A lot of our loses would have been wins. We need him back.

We are really finishing games well. That should help us so much in the post season. I’m excited.

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Great win. I’ll have to watch the replay

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Really happy for the win. Really concerned we didn’t put them away far easier than it required.

I disagree, this team normally would have dropped this game. They are starting to learn


I don’t think Hayward makes all that big of a difference when he comes back. If anything he will hurt team chemistry.

Needs to be coming off the bench, that’s it

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But seriously though, what the hell is wrong with Gordon Hayward? Does he just not feel like playing?

This has been the most bizarre injury situation I’ve ever seen. There’s been no updates really at all and he’s been listed as day to day. There’s been no buzz.

But seriously though, does he just not want to play? And this is how he and the team are handling it until he’s traded in the off season?

100% this! IT & GH running the second unit with Cody & McDaniels (plus match-up specific #5) is pretty damn good. I do think GH steps up and scores much more when he’s THE focus, which he would be on the second unit.

If they throw him right back cold into the starting lineup, he’ll miss his shots and generally muck us up for a while. Unfortunately we don’t have a while to waste at the moment.

When he got this injury I said that he was done for the year. Of course, as usual, I had no idea what I was talking about. It just seemed very Hayward after last year. So here we are again.