Sunday Night in Brooklyn

Didn’t want to make the game thread because last time I did we lost, so blame me if we lose.

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We better not lose! I’m at the game :slight_smile:

So far, Mason and Trez have low impact

Playing with some damn pride right now! Fight!


Drummond is playing like how my mind wanted to picture he would if we traded for him back when we had Kemba

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Imagine having Drummond over Plumlee, even Drummond would make a significant change on the team performance

Drummond’s bad to good game ratio is about a 5:1 nowadays.

Good timeout there. Now the starters gotta bring it home

Can we put the starters back in our bench is like -15

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What’s happened to Kelly Oubre? Is he just not himself after a return from injury? Has been shooting 33% from three so far in march, which is up from 25% in February

I keep waiting for us to fall apart

I feel like it’s coming

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We gotta find some offense

Ah, here we go

Monster effort right here and right now. Let’s close this out!!

Fully Martinized Damn It!

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Big shot Cody

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You damn right! F U Brooklyn


Huge win! I’m all in again.


Man is there no Postgame show on Bally? What the hell

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Another big boy win