Trip to the Bay

No Zeller Cody but apparently leaning big on Martin Cody. And starting small keeping the bench in tact.

I hate Cody Martin starting at PF so much. I hate him starting at any position. I hope he doesn’t play starter minutes.

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I just bet on is…smh


The twins upset me more than Gerald Henderson or Dave Hoppen

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Let’s win this one tonight

After seeing the games Jalen has put together on the road, I’m all for him getting bigger minutes.

Cody isn’t at the 4, Hayward is.

At least I’d think so, not that it matters significantly

I am liking Cody’s energy so far

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Why is Kelly Oubre our biggest weakness

Always a random dude on the other team that looks at the schedules and circles the Charlotte game with crazy eyes.

Oh boy we’ve actually got one of the g league twins starting.

We need someone to take Biyombo’s minutes so badly

Love BB, but definitely need a C that can finish. We just need a dude that can quickly make a layup/dunk, and he’s average double figures easily with our passing.

Oh hai Malik!

Hmm…let me try to be a little more positive…Lamelo Ball has a lot of room to grow as a defender.

Oh Malik buddy. That was a horrible pass. Buddy.

I’m uh, underwhelmed by the “defensive stylings” of the Hornets tonight.

PJ Washington looks like a shell of his former self out there. It’s stunning to compare whatever this is versus last year

It’s the hot girlfriend over the off season effect

Other than concern about the 5, feel okay about this. They had a crazy efficient quarter and it’s only an 8 point game. We’ll be alright.

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Once upon a time there was a Malik monk. He got buckets.

The end.

PJ has been so bad on offense tonight

I wish LaMelo came in for Cody instead of Terry there.