Escape from LA 03.20.21

Curious if this is a case where Cody has been playing hurt recently, or he’s being told to sit and he’s being told he’s hurt.

Naw he had his shoulder taped up last game.

Wow. Turned on the game. Down 30-18, watched us not box out to allow kawhi casually glide in for the east offensive rebound put-back, and then PJ badly airballs a three.

Now it’s 35-18.

Absolute Trash.

Oh great. Now a martin is in for Miles. Don’t know which G league all star it is. Cody or Caleb.


And now PJ is gimpy because he missed a fucking layup, which the put back of his own missed layup that caused the rolled ankle was his first points of the game I think.

I fear this is the real Charlotte Hornets! We wont win any more games on this west coast road trip. Not only that but none of the games will be close!

The confidence our guys had going on this West Coast trip is gone!

I’d give just about anything to not have to play Biz anymore. If only we had two talented rookie centers who need minutes? If only there was an opportunity to play them in say, a game we were already down by 20 in the first half.

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This has to be the ultimate display of Hornets Law lol :woozy_face::woozy_face::woozy_face:


Nah. They’re just playing poorly again, and played against three very talented teams in a row. They’ll win a game or two.

I hope you are right.

In a game where were down by 20 in the first half, why the fuck are Biz and Martin getting minutes and not Richards and Carey? Especially considering PJ was in the locker room for a tweaked ankle.

Cmon JB.

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I agree with you! We are likely to lose this game anyway so there is no reason why Richards and Carey should not be getting plenty of playing time. I would even give Grant Riller some playing time. What is the worse that could happen? We lose by 30+ instead of 20+?

I’m all funned out with this one. Tuning out early tonight.

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Another loss, another game Lamelo plays less than 30 mins

We just put him in for 1 minute in the 4th just for good measure

We are down 26 with under 5 mins left. Both Martins, PJ and Bridges, and Biz on the floor. G League guys sit on the bench.

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Think it’s interesting that for years we have seen the team go to pot when Cody is out (injury out). I had the epiphany tonight watching this that it’s not the loss of an uber productive Cody we experience, it’s that his replacement is below him significantly. I’m not sure, now that I think about it, we’ve ever carried two competent centers. Many would argue, and I’ll not challenge it, that we never carry even one above average center. I hope Mitch addresses this in the off-season. I wonder if that’s why he picked a pair of projects this past year, hoping at least one bears fruit.

When a Martin is one of the first guys off the bench, the team isn’t going to play well. We did that earlier in the season and lost a lot. Now we are back to doing that again and giving Monk less and less minutes and not a lot to do with those minutes. It was fun when we had some injuries at the guard position… now that everyone is healthy… not fun anymore. Monk’s confidence is gone bc we are back to him not getting the minutes he should. We have Martin playing 30 freaking minutes. Come on JB.


M-M, I get that but think Malik needs to bring his own energy and confidence. And he’s honestly not been doing so since before we went on the road trip.

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