Friday Night Smackdown: Jazz vs Hornets

Somehow we’re the 6th seed

Interesting line up. Seems we’re at an inflection point what you use any absence to inject LaMelo into the starting lineup. Hope Cody doesn’t go down to test that theory.

And no, I have no issue with this, I think it’s cool.

Rozier would definitely be able to play in the 90’s. He would probably be better

The small ball lineup off to a good start. I’m intrigued is it a JB decision or is it a… if I take him out of the starting 5 after his recent play I’m going to get roasted decision.

Good start let’s keep it up

Both twins on the floor is difficult to watch.

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Get the Tard twins off the fucking floor JB

What the heck man

Best team in NBA and we send the short bus squad in.

So sick of this shit

8 pt swing

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It’s the unnecessary stretches like that that make me question JB.

Forgivable 5 games in… after 22 games, less so.

Tired of this shit

Can’t get that 8 pt run back.

That LaMelo drive and score was insane

Worst coached game I have ever friggin seen

Mike should walk down there and fire his ass at halftime

Jr fuckin hour

Considering we’re down PJ, Tae, and we’re trying to ease Terry back in, this could be worse at halftime. Miles has to play more aggressive when he’s in.

No excuse for this


Time to see what the kid is made of

He is balling

Gordo came to play

Game was lost when the man buns came in

Holy LaMelo frijole. Dude is a flat out stud


Yeah man, Lamelo is a starter now. I’m sorry, this is against the #1 team in the NBA and we’re shorthanded. Enough is enough.

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There is absolutely no quit in this team and I give a lot of that attitude inspired by LaMelo.


25 3s from Utah good grief man. Strong night from Hornets Law