Hornets host the Nets - 12.27.20

Our Hornets in the 2nd game of a back to back facing of with an incredibly talented Nets team going into a back to back.

Gametime 7:00pm, on NBATV

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What’s the spread? 17.5+?


Easy money… :man_facepalming:

I’d take the under. Easy

wow, that is low. i think that is an easy nets bet there.

We can really sink it up and not make the front page tomorrow

We will not make the news for anything bad tonight :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info!
Just tuned into this game now :grinning:

Play Michael Scott were screwed gif

I have a feeling we play them well. Might not net out a win but have belief we play our best game yet this season.

Good energy so far…

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Wow! That’s a women’s college score when uconn plays some small d1 school

What’s has happened to Melo since the reg season started? What happened to the otherworldly, uncanny ability to handle and find cutting teammates for flashy assists and alley-oops? Now, there’s hardly any alley, just a whole lotta oops.

LaMelo is a young deer trying to walk sometimes it’s gonna be graceful sometimes it’s gonna be all over the place

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Agree with GW. He’s also not playing bench players in preseason any longer so some of those lanes are collapsing.

Our ball movement looks much better today… So far

It’s quite possible that we are a competition goldfish and play to the level of our fishbowl


My eyes enjoy watching mid range jumpers. This last couple minutes of dueling kd and rozier pullups is sweet

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If you’d have offered me 50-48 at half, I would have taken it 99 out of a hundred times.

It’s always hard to tell if we’re playing disruptive or the other team just isn’t playing great. I’m always waiting for the wheels to fall off.

NGL, Rozier really is so fun to watch. He’s like a slightly smaller, better shooting version of Wade.