4/1 game thread, Hornets try to take down the Nets in April Madness

Harden is out tonight (no foolin!)

Will Kyrie play? Kyrie doesn’t nor.ally play when he doesn’t have one of the others playing as well.

We get to see the debut of LaMarcus Aldridge tonight, Nets barely squeaked one out against Houston last night!

Game is on TNT nationally, Marv Albert on the call!

Go Hornets!

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Do we get Monk back tonight? Sounds like we may.

If Hardon is out we could steal this one . We need the Monk back and hope PJ decides to play. It would be nice to see us win a national televised game.

I didn’t know this at the time but Griffin is out tonight as well.




Countering that Monk PT…

Wouldn’t it be great if they just bypassed this tnt group and ran dell and Eric?

These guys are boring and ours…aren’t.


I like our chances here. Just took us for $500 +2.5

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This is where we pay the price for so little national TV. They always seem to know only the most surface stuff about us

We look tight early, hopefully we can play through this with the starting group

Fugging Biyombo

I’m about to lose my shit man

Worst player in league

Well we look like hell.

Man - Richards and Vern must be total busts to not be getting any run for a team that has Biz starting. Hard to watch.

Not any real effort so far

I’m happy we’re playing Cody Martin over Monk, when we can’t score. That’s cool.

Just got to survive this early drought and keep them in sight.

Yeah putting Martin in when we can’t score is counterproductive

6 pts in 7 mins, let’s put in our worst offensive wing player

Hopefully we’ll come out strong after this timeout. We look lost.