The Phoenix Project part 2

This sucks. Monk makes things so much more fun.

Anyone know why? Do we have to carry inactives this year (thought they waived that for COVID reasons but perhaps not)?

Wow we need a big that can play d

The Martins have the combined worst offensive awareness with the ball of any players that we have. VERY frustrating


Shocking we can’t score with this unit lol

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Fully Martinized… gotta love it.

Cody is fine, Caleb worries the hell out of me at this point. I’d rather see Jalen out there over Caleb unless he can settle and slow down.

I like Cody a lot more also. We really need to get rid of one of them. Such a waste to have two in my opinion.

Agreed, Cody is ok but still has the “Kobe” mindset at times despite not having an offensive game to have that type of mindset.

Caleb, I thought he looked solid to start the year, but no reason for him to play on our team at this point.

Honestly, unless Cody develops any type of consistent shot/offensive awareness, we will be better off without him as well.

Think about how much better of a player Craig is than Martin, then think about cost for a player like that, and then you will realize that each Martin, at this point in their career, don’t have a spot on a roster of a playoff team (for more than a 5 minute stint on a spaced lineup).

With that being said, I think that Martin is our best overall defender

Biz’ lack of ability to catch a ball with any consistency makes him such an offensive liability out there. He’s practically only safe fielding the ball where he cannot do anything but DHO (above the 3 at the top of the key)

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For real: are gloves legal?

One thing I’ve liked of late: we’re getting a lot of love from the press an other teams’ announcers. Lot of respect out there and everybody agrees we’re fun to watch.

That’s something.

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Not sure if it’s related but I have felt for a few months now we are getting a fair whistle. It’s been a few years since I felt way.

Devonte having a good game, you love to see that

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Certainly better, but still we see 2 minute reports pretty routinely with more calls than should have gone our way than not.

Take away: there’s still some respect to be earned, which could eventually show up in the win column.

I’m going to ask you to watch Tae in the 2nd half on closeouts. I have been noticing lately that the early season advanced stats saying he was a + on the defensive side might be telling some truth. He is often able to be able to get so far up and under guys out on the perimeter that he forces them to pull the ball down and either reload or pass out of it.

I’ll look for it, I feel like my eyes are always glued to Biz on defense waiting for something bad to happen

We miss Monk. Can not score.