Must win game vs OKC

Haha, yeah a little over dramatic but…

We need to win this game and need Lamello to get his sea legs a bit tonight.

I’m taking us tonight for $500

I also am taking the Cavs for $500 getting points from Detroit.

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I can dig it. I’m hoping this turns into a statement game for the Hornets and Hayward plays assertively.

To me, I think Ball needs to work on his mental game. I saw him become a bit disengaged after a few no calls, bad calls, and turnovers-which translated into floating around, watching instead of playing defense, and not crashing the boards or boxing out.

I’m not saying it’s a weakness of his, that he’s “selfish”, or any shit like that; however, it was a good reminder of how young he is and how much he wants to come in and ball out. He seemed lethargic and disappointed on the floor when he couldn’t find a flow. I really wish I had specialized as a sports/performance psychologist because i love the mental part of the game.

I am looking forward to seeing a much stronger effort and more attentive team showing up tonight at home. #WeGotThis

Maybe another underrated subplot on this game will be if Monk gets burn tonight.

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Terry looks like he’s ready to cook this season. Mid season form and ready to roll mr rozier


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Confident stroke from devonte’. Less Martins and more Monk please. I know I’m overly negative about the martins, but they’re low ceiling players and I’d rather see Monk in there finding his footing.


Melo was really getting into his groove and JB took him out

Yeah both times he got into his groove JB benched him.

Looking at OKC’s roster… seeing we gave up 57 in a half to THAT roster…


It is not like we are the 2020-2021 Brooklyn Nets

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rebounding killing us this year

lack of defense too. we got to play better on that end

This is a high lottery team this season.

I was gonna say these could be the two worst teams in the NBA currently but I thought that was too harsh… that was before we missed 14 straight shots…

Looking forward to PJ to get his timing and flow right. Good motor still, but I expect him to tighten things up more.

Miles looks like a lost soul out there. What happened?

Less Martins more monk

Outside of that last 3, I would have liked to seen Monk because shooting 3/23 in the quarter would warrant some offensive punch off the bench. My lord


Monk on the bench watching Caleb Martin airball a uncontested 3 pointer

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I’m sorry y’all. I’m not trying to bash the guys. I totally get it. The martins are hard working guys, sure. But the ceiling is low and I’m tired of wasting minutes on the martins instead of higher ceiling players.

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Could someone tell me what the fuck is happening with the rotation?

Asking for a friend.