Hornets @ Nets Game Thread

Another day another W

Will be interesting how we match up. This is the first game we haven’t faced a dominant center, but woo boy, Nets are a dominant everything else.

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Can we wish for it? They put it out there, I’m just spreading the info. But man it would be so so cool if we did

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Didn’t we start 5-0 a few years back with Kemba?

6-1 but lost game 3

Yeah after watching ECU and the Panthers the past 24 hours I really need the Hornets to do something

i’ve got plenty of streams, but does anyone have a link to watch our broadcast crew instead of the nets?

oh lamelo buddy, love the hesitation dribble drive on claxton. so good

Bridges is so under control on that corner 3 but how nice is that post-up-turned-assisted-3 by Plumbs?

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that’s exactly the kind of play we were all hoping for from Plumlee. good stuff

Hornets killer checks in

Meanwhile outside

I wondered how much that might impact the guys on the floor. They will be aware of it at some point for sure if not already

Seems like they got it back under control as of 10 minutes ago and we’re letting fans back in

Thought we played well to stay right in reach but we need to cut down on the first half waste plays that aren’t exactly TOs but wasted opportunities.

Hey it’s the best start of the season

But against the best competition.

Would be great if Miles could put Harris in foul trouble. That 2 in pretty little time of play.

Oh that 360 was :fire:

Miles Bridges picking Harden’s pocket and then getting a casual 360 is the kind of entertainment I’m looking for.