Celtics vs Hornets Game Thread

The evil green machine is coming to Charlotte to take on the good guys

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Stepping out on a limb again. Against another playoff contender. Good Guys win forth strait. We just so deep. And two all stars for the first time ever. Miles and Melo.

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i am going to keep my streak alive.

hornets lose by 12

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We can only let one of Tatum and Brown go off tonight.

As a regular consumer of the Bill Simmons Podcast, I really really really want to win this game

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Throw Hayward and Rozier in there and we have 4 allstar caliber guys.

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That’s a shame

Hornets out to a good start sounds like a trick

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Disappointing end to the quarter. 33-33

There was absolutely no need for us to end the 1st quarter with that lineup and blow a nice early lead.

The Jabari Parker game

We have a good team guys. So deep!


I haven’t loved an athlete like I do Lamelo since Albert Pujols was crushing 3 homers in the 2011 World Series

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Dude is legit.

68-66 Celtics at the half

Danger zone

97-94 Hornets after 3.

Richards giving decent minutes, but we can’t stop Tatum.

Celtics announcers been gushing about how skilled all of the Hornets are: able to put the ball on the floor and finish or pass.

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