The 2019 Hornets vs Celtics

Shame Gordon is out feel like this would’ve been a big game for him

Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates

Still have two ex-Celts in the lineup. Didn’t realize we were 0-fer last year. Hope we can collect a win today.

Assume we are going to see a healthy diet of Miles on Smart, high traps on Kemba, and just live with Tatum getting his.

Robert Williams is just amazing now huh

Biz makes Cody look like an elite center

We need some scoring out of Biz, Cody, and PJ

Three fouls on PJ and we might be in trouble

Pj you’re killing me man

That we are fighting in this game 3 big pieces down and getting next to no production from another 3 is impressive.

This has to be the most unimpressive 15 point lead for Boston I’ve ever seen. They are not that good.

Gonna be tough for us rest of the season. I would rather be 10th than 8th thats for sure

With that being said, I hope we are 4th

outside of a few games, PJ has been worthless this season. It’s too bad because he looked promising at times last year.

I agree. His energy is off and his game has followed suit

I’ve been saying PJ just hasn’t been as valuable as some see him but I know I’ve been harsh on him. At this point though…feeling like maybe we should have sold him at the deadline. Hopefully my vibes will flow through the ether and piss him off to get him playing worth a crap.

[Playoffs? Playoffs? Don’t talk to Me about Playoffs]

Expected loss but not by that big. Somebody has to step up and assume a bigger responsibility in scoring (Miles, PJ, Devonte). I don’t think we can upset anyone at this point, but we have to be at least competitive on those games that we know we can win. I think its also certain that we’ll slide down but I’m still confident we can be a 9 or 10 seed at least.

Win at all costs against okc, take the expected L in Milwaukee, and then hope that our home heavy sched (14 of 21 at home after the road trip) can help us hang on.

Still think we can make it to the proper playoffs even as a 9/10 seed as long as we are HEALTHY at the right time. Worst case if we don’t, we had a fun 3/4 of a season, and we get to pick in the lottery, albeit maybe in the top 4 if lady luck continue to smile on us.

Monk/GH/LaMelo accounted for pretty much 50% of our scoring, was always gonna be an ugly few weeks.

As for PJ he’s not talented enough to be picking and choosing the nights he decides to turn up. His numbers over the last 10 games per ESPN make for some ugly reading…

27% from 3, 34% FG, 55% FT, 3 TO, 2 AST per game

Looking deeper into it, on the season he’s got some of the worst PER, AST/TO, and shooting efficiency numbers on the roster excluding the end of benchers. Whether it’s just a second season slump or lack of effort who knows? The fact they were shopping him at the deadline might answer that.

Think there’s some 3&D potential there in Nate Darling, intrigued to see a bit more from him.

Very disappointing for sure