Hornets vs Pistons

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Lamelo looking a little off, good to see PJ looking aggressive out there.

Not to take anything away from the Hornets defensive effort…because they’re playing hard working, good rotation defense…but detroit looks like kind of a clusterfuck out there.

Someone needs to get hot offensively

How we can justify playing Biz is beyond me. I have to believe the two Orlandubble bigs aren’t a negative in comparison.

I worried about how we would come out in this game after the long stretch off. I hope we can somehow pull this one out and get back to playing better in the games following this one.

Is your team needing buckets? I believe in the healing power of Malik monk, and I’d prescribe a heavy dose of threes.

There is no reason that they should not get decent minutes. Only way that happens is if we go on a losing streak.

We were 13 and 0 when leading after 3 quarters but we are going to lose to one of the worst teams in the NBA.

Hornets law rules above all else

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We need some big boy, grown ass man buckets. And terry rozier is that person to do it.

Terry is becoming one hell of a 4th quarter stick of dynamite

Terry rozier get the fuck outta here man! My dude!

In seasons past we would have folded. Of coarse Terry is the reason tonight but still this team is better in these situations than they used to be.

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Not exactly the kind of win I expected but I’ll take it!

Really impressed with how we kept our heads throughout. That’s not a game we win under Clifford. Not saying it’s a JB thing but Clifford’s last couple years, we did NOT get these wins.


I am a fatalist. Forgive me.

Back to .500 now, correct?

I like how Terry can just switch it on and play great in clutch moments even if he struggles early on. Dude’s a baller.

I really want to get to a game soon! I wonder what ticket prices are like.