Celtics vs Hornets Game Thread

I guess you can’t go for a block in todays game. Such horse shit.


Yeah, even Celtic announcers saying not a flagrant.


Buzz up 8
5 to play

Please put LaMelo in

We need to relax, look nervous right now

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You should see me.

Lamelo going to the basket is a great late game strategy.

This is where PJ’s absence is felt. Hack-a-Mason worked to perfection

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I’m going to be pretty disappointed if we don’t pull this one out. Damn Plumlee can’t shoot free throws worth a shit.

Don’t want guys in there to close out games who can’t shoot free throws. Can’t believe people want ben Simmons.

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Are there a lot of shitty Boston fans there at the game? On tv it sounds like a borderline home game for Boston

I just really hate Boston’s sports teams and their shitty fans.


why did I know that was gonna happen

Another dumbass time out…. So we can throw the ball away. I hate timeouts in that instance.

Every f*cking time man.

Holy shit man fucking really. Fuck I hate Boston everything.

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Yeah…. I’m not sure why it sounds like there are more Hornets fans at the game. I’m so pissed.

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Please come out with energy and ruin some stupid Boston fans nights


We really miss PJ this game. Would love to have his free throw shooting.

Is he injured?

A total gag. If it weren’t so believable it would be unbelievable

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