Hornets vs Nets

Here is the game thread! I was excited to watch it but I subscribe to Bally, so I guess I’m not allowed to watch the game bc I can’t sign in to watch it.

Hope you guys can keep me updated. Glad Bally has my $20 for something that doesn’t work.

(Sorry… I had to complain about this somewhere and saw we needed a game thread)

You can’t watch it on Bally?

This could get ugly quick. Nets have been playing really well

Hornets playing some really inspired basketball tonight.

Well, cheers everyone. Might have to cut this one off early.

No. The app won’t work and won’t let me sign in either. I’ve checked around and seems like a system wide issue.

But… it seems Bally did me a favor from what I see on the scoreboard.

I do really like what I’ve seen from PJ so far this year. Making moves to the rim and being strong with the ball.

Hornets have missed SO MANY shorties. I can already tell it’s going to be one of those games where they can’t find the bottom of the basket.

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Nets hit their 1st 8 shots but they’re coming back to earth. Melo still struggling from 3.

Mark is looking good early

Very very bad defense to start. If a Net gets by their man they get straight to the basket

I’d say the nets quality of shots have been pretty conducive to making a lot of them. By conducive, I mean wide open.

Funny how that’s never conducive for us lol!

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I like how Sharpe has progressed in his development. Can really do a lot of things well and fill the stat sheet.

I cant think of a single good look we have gotten that wasnt at the rim

Another wide open three for the nets

Oh my god. Fuck me right?

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Hey Eastley has chat going

Every team can’t miss in Spectrum except us.

We also aren’t getting up in them AT ALL.

And my guy Lamelo is WAY out of rhythm

"It's Miller Time!" is the only thing which providing me happiness atm

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