Back out West vs Denver

Could we see the Biz game part 2?

We match up bad against big ,long teams. We will have to be playing our very best to win this one.

really tough stretch coming up, i hope we get started on the right foot

We have one weakest 2nd half schedules, this is the bad. 11/13 road games, next 5 out west. West owned us for years, 9-9 so far this year. All past long roads trips cripple season. Team show a lot and can really set apart from previous years and we see 6+ seed and not another year struggling to make 8.

After this really weak, no long road trips, finish 14/21 home games.

Sounds like this next stretch of games is really going to tell us a lot about what this season has in store. Next 11/13 are road games?

I think we’ll begin to find out if this Hornets team will be competing for that 5-7 seed or if we’re going to have a lot of ground to make up fighting for the 7 or 8 seed. If that.

It starts tonight. Let’s go fellas! It’s going to take more than Terry Rozier hero ball.

My old stand-by, the odds in favor of Denver are widening. I got a decently good feeling about tonight going our way.

This is gonna be a tough stretch but if we can come out around .500 we’ll be looking good for the end of the reason once we hit our easier stretch

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We are competing but I fear it will be like our game vs the Jazz where we hang with them for three quarters then get blown out. I hope I am wong.

The Nuggets play by play team is garbage.

I think Devonte’ has much better luck with a lot more space trying to play for the last shot. Seems like if he’s trying to work right around the 3p line, he’s too easy to cramp. That same play starting 10’ further out, I’d bet, has a much higher chance of success even if it is roughly a 30’ shot attempt.

Random thought because I watch (ffwd through) gold rush on discovery. The nuggets sweat moppers should be made to look like metal detectors like they are prospecting.

Giving up the easy threes.

LaMelo has been really effective on the swipe downs when bigs bring the ball down on rebounds. Guys are either going to be a snack machine for him or stop bringing the ball down.

That drive to the rack was awesome. This guy is so impressive.

I hate that coach will not play Vernon Carey Jr and instead sticks with Biyambo.

I hope a big deficit forces Borrego top play Vernon Carey Jr and the other G League guys.

A big losing streak on the way!

If I am denver, I am calling golden state and offering murray + 10 draft picks for curry

I feel like if we don’t come out strong in the 3rd quarter, we are going to lose by 20+. Not feeling the energy from the guys tonight.

I disagree. I think we get right back into this with that same energy we had to start the game but now breathing properly :slight_smile:


Same. If anything they seem to amped up.

They’ve been rising to the occasion of late. Fingers crossed for second half.

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I hope you guys are right.

Need PJ to wake up and we need some fight under the rim.