Brooklyn In Town

I guess I will start this. Annoying that Brooklyn wants to try and play defense tonight is my first thought. But we have to keep moving the ball on offense.

They have a nice lead so it’s one of those uphill games that we love, smh

Might be a good night for a movie or maybe the new season of Space Force.

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Bruh I’m about to do some work. Ridiculous

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We keep running with the same defensive gameplan that gets wrecked game after game, also, what happened to our fast paced offense? We like to slow it down now, and we aren’t beating the Nets in the halfcourt.

Team is fighting hard, but I think it’s Kyrie’s night.

Contrary to our announcers beliefs, Montezl does not gargle with razor blades.

Tho with that grill maybe :man_shrugging:

We are the dumbest defensive team in the league. Giving Kyrie the switch he wants EVERY time

That 35 footer wasn’t a switch lol.

I’ve always REALLY admired Kyrie’s and KD’s games. Ya got to be a hater to not. If only they weren’t so, you know, inspiring to haters.

We’re staying in it enough to keep Eric Collins excited; then Seth Curry, ripped 3; Then Kyrie. They don’t even need KD tonite.

This team fucking sucks. PJ Washington is as useful as a poopy flavored lolly pop. It’s a like a room full of dipshits trying to play poker in the dark. Good luck and good riddance.

The hornets quality of play is as shit awful as this post I’ve typed out.

Another really cool Lamelo benching down the stretch of a game. Starting to think Borrego believes we are better with him on the bench.

Also, obviously Kyrie is on fire tonight but we aren’t doing ourselves any favors

It’s amazing to me that the Hornets never signed Seth Curry when he’s been available. My team - he’s a Hornet.

And I love Miles Bridges. Please don’t kill him JB. You’re playing Miles way too many minutes.

JB doesn’t think LaMelo is tough enough for crunch time yet.

Not saying he’s right (I don’t think he is), but that’s the vibe I get.

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We looked intimidated by their veterans in the first half. I’m tired of soft ass teams man. Feels like I’ve been saying that for years


F…. That first half was awful. So many bad passes. Not sure what they were thinking.


Until we stop rolling with Mason as starter this will never change. Need long, tall, agile , big man that’s not scared to shoot from 5 ft of basket. We looked so much better when Richards was getting good minutes back in November. Gordon return will not correct this either. Teams know Mason is going to pass it out almost every time he gets the ball in the paint. So sick of watching our starting center shoot approx. 35% from FT line too. He’s a back up. We would play better defense and offense if you gave Richards the keys!!

Correction Mason is shooting 34% from FT line, just looked it up, WTH?
We would do better with the rookie Kai Jones, atleast he’s long and athletic and can shoot from 5 ft away.


It really does hurt that our starting #5 will auto-pass the ball if he can’t dunk it and can’t hit free-throws … sadly, in addition to his offensive limitations, he can’t defend on the perimeter, protect the rim nor does he have the stomach to box out and fight for rebounds.

I was happy when Mason joined the team and thought he would be serviceable as a stater, but I was very wrong. At this point I would be splitting time between Richards and Trez with minute allocation dependent on match ups and on court performance.


You guys obviously are under valuing the reverse slams from plumlee

$9.3Million a year, wonderful reverse slams.