Game 16: Hornets at Knicks

How do we normally play the first game after the Panthers fire a coach? Seems we should have enough data on that at this point.

Hornets lose by 25 or more tonight

Total Score? per half? Per Quarter?

I need more specific betting odds.

The Knicks will win by 25 point total. I think you know what I mean, I don’t know squat about gambling, I just am tired of this team sucking so I angrily predict a blowouts to the better teams. Especially without Melo. I don’t really expect a 25 point loss but the Hornets will never threaten the Knicks.

We have a penchant for making games close off and on before our opponent pulls
away and we easily lose.

Yeah, just playing. It was looking like we were going to lose by a lot more than 25 there for a bit. Sort of getting back into it now.

If our team could ever stay healthy for a significant amount of time we could build chemistry and see how good we can be!

Completely agree. It’s hard to build anything when there’s little consistency of talent.

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This game is over. Let’s hope Melo is not gone too long and the rest of our key players can stay healthy for a significant amount of time.

Another top ten draft pick next year and some good trades or quality free agent additions hopefully next season we can turn things around for the better. We also will have to hope for our best players to mostly remain healthy.

I would like to believe that if we stay mostly healthy for the most part for a significant amount of time we could surpass last seasons win total by at least eight to ten games but it seems ingrained in our culture to let close games late turn into blowouts no matter who plays for us or if we stay healthy. The only question is not if we will lose but how much we lose by. I mean even the Wizards and Pistons beat us down when we lost to them. I bet we win a dozen less games than last season.

Steve Clifford does not have this team. If they are reflection of him than he needs to go and soon!!

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Bring on the pain. Hope to see Bouknight tonight. Lord knows we need him.


Lol, pain would be seeing Bouknight play


Bouknight will play. And drop 20. Count it.

or I should say, count on that not happening


WFNZ said we need to win by 75 to have a chance to advance in the In Season Tournament. Anything is possible lol


I think we need to develop some kind of ritual sacrifice.

Something in the universe needs to be appeased.


Getting concerned about Richards.

Is there a gap in the floor off the block on the end the Knicks are shooting on? Something doesn't look right


How long before we shoot a free throw?


Disheartening to see our starters get behind like this even without Melo.


We should at least play good defense. Not excuse for that. But it’s expected




6:31 in the 2nd qtr. first free throw


#24 can shoot 3sss

oh my god


You have to be freaking kidding me… of course Miller would get hurt


He walked to the locker room so maybe not so bad


Miller supposedly playing 2nd half

We can't catch a break EVER

I am really tired of Hayward


Really thought the team was thinking the Panthers O line was onto something with that first quarter performance

grinning 1

Shout out to the squad for making it a ball game


We just refuse to run plays for Miller


What will it take to get an owner of this team to leave the locker room yelling "Fuck!"?

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Couldn’t imagine a reason to keep the game chat open. G’nite all


No true pg2. Sorry, Rozier just isn’t good at pg for an extended period. No C3. Malfeasance by the GM. Kupchak needs to go now. I don’t know how you guys have done this for the past 20 or so years.