Knicks @ Hornets

Gotta keep the good times rolling!


Getting lazy

Big lead evaporated

Hayward going berserk

Gordon Hayward can score the ball.

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57-50 good guys at the half

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Ha I should have called this Knicks vs Hayward!

I’d feel lot’s better without that drought but we look to be over it.

I really love the Hayward’s game allows him to really exploit whatever he’s given. He may not be Kobe, but he doesn’t really have a scoring weakness either. Feeling real good about the get as long as he’s healthy.


Biz with the sweet pass to Hayward! Melo’s passing and vision becoming infectious? I can only hope.

Melo seems like he’s cheating with those gaudy rebound numbers.

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What’s cool is that they are bona fide rebounds, not same player steals. And he plays the passing lanes so well.

But to me, as much as Gordon has been inspired, I have loved this midrange game found by Devonte’ tonight.


PJ has been so back on track the last few games which is great to see.

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Missed this game but great to see us finally run through a team we should 100% beat on paper


I don’t know about all that paper GW, NY is .500 and they have been playing pretty well. Coach Thibs gets a lot out of his guys and they usually play a high level on defense. We just flat out look good with Gordon going berserker, Tae living off the middies, PJ, Ball and Terry hitting dagger threes.

I like watching the improved defense


PJ, Tae and the defense were the biggest concerns in the first 5 games. Now the whole team is starting to click. Fun times.

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Tremendous team win! Great to see guys sharing the ball, playing D and everyone playing their role and enjoying playing together.