Knicks @ Hornets

It needs to be said, James Borrego is a legit good coach. He said before the season it was going to be rough the first few weeks playing mostly without running sets but in the long-run it would make the team better at decision-making. You can already see what he’s referring to, with the smart passes and clever plays. I like that he knows exactly what this team needs and isn’t afraid to sacrifice a few early wins to reach long term objectives. He’s not perfect but he deserves more credit.


Watched the first half, wasted my time on my final Madden game for a while during the 2nd half.

Beefense! Love holding the Knicks to 38 in the 2nd half. That’s what’s going to carry us when the shots aren’t falling. Love how it’s multiple guys contributing. When you hear coaches brag about culture, you really got something going.

Hate if we can’t play the Mavs Wednesday, you can feel the momentum behind these boys!


This team is enjoyable to watch. Like others I’m impressed by the defense and the offense just looks fun. I do think that Ball’s passing is rubbing off on other guys. It’s great to see.

This zone defense is by far the best zone in the league. JB knows size limits us man to man . That’s the reason we play so much zone. Putting in traps and pressure you have to be playing on a string and it is hard to do . But the team looks damn good doing it. All this make’s up for the lack of size. This teams BBIQ has to be high to pick all this up so quickly.


I’ve been so impressed with the speed in their close outs.