Knicks Come to Charlotte

The Heat lose 2 bad games in a row and are literally looking to street fight each other. Two ends of the intensity spectrum in one night.

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Erik Spoelstra to Jimmy Butler during a timeout - “What? You think I’m going to f*cking fight you?”

I love Erik Spoelstra.

Then Udonis Haslem steps in and yells at Jimmy “I’ll beat your ass!”

Later during the post game presser from Bam Adebayo, “This is us in practice.”

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More like limp into the play-in and quick lose. Summer vacation!

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I think he is a good coach but still learning. He gets credit for attitudes, locker room cohesion and player development. He still needs to learn how to get his team ready for massive games and the games we are favored by more than 7 points.

I’ll ask Nostradamus (who posts here on occasion) for the stats… but it is astounding how many times we have not covered or even have lost outright. Eye popping.

With that being said, Coach is not going anywhere. Wont even be discussed unless we don’t make playoffs next year.

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Look, I am typically the one to discredit JB, but I think he can quickly improve his coaching with this team. I don’t think his weak points are tactical or practice related but has to do with more so of passion. He should take a page from Pop’s playbook, and try to inject some passion into the team, when team is not motivated like last night. If it was Pop, he would fight the refs, and get himself ejected to give the players a boost.

I think this lack of passion in some games is what we are missing the most.

Along with all that culture stuff if not like would never extend contract at all
Other demand stated from start of first interview…offense offense offense
JB team must score points, run and shoot 3P…JB gave a nonverbal hint guys I’m no Pop. And team is at top of league in transition, pace, and points.

Going forward for the high/lows a highly one dimensional team goes through must get better at ’playoff’ basketball.

offensive efficiency & half court production
defense deficiency & rebounding

Personnel a part, but also need to see some old school Pop-like playoff basketball on court.

For a timeline, looking at $. Not hot, but JB seat warming.
Harrell trade put us +8 million after all star break.
Next year 11 at 110, 119 cap, 145 luxury. Keep burner ON, a guess need at least 129 (cap & MLE) big spend from MJ?

I think tomorrow night will give me a better indication of where things stand. We had won 5 straight so the team/JB deserve some credit for locking in and elevating their play at a critical point in the season. Even as uninspiring as we looked most of the game against NO, guys stepped up late and found a way to win despite not being at their best, as good teams should.

Of course last night was just awful, no getting around it, however I can give anyone an off night every now and then. But if we come out flat for a third straight game not ready to play, then I have to start questioning some things. These are essentially playoff games and if our level of intensity doesn’t reflect that then we have serious issues and need to consider if we have the right pieces in place.

I really want JB to get more upset and show more fire. Get his team pumped up and show that he cares. I know he does care but he comes across to me like “we just didn’t make shots and we have to do better”

But I don’t think he’s a horrible coach… I just don’t love him.

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Strongly disagree this is Pop’s playbook. He’s the coach that was famous for dressing down Duncan and Parker. Their buy in was critical. He would bench his best players if they were dogging it. JB isn’t far off from that model. Just has far less experience and has a less complete player group. I’d also argue he failed to steal the defensive playbook as that deficit is as much scheme as talent.

the defensive playbook as that deficit is as much scheme as talent

Agree 100%. The defensive scheme has to be part of the issue, can’t be all on the players. Defense has been an issue for years. That needs to be addressed next season. Having a competent rim protector would help, I think there’s a good chance that happens this off season. But if defense doesn’t improve, it could cost him his job.

Don’t think it’s a cost the job thing, think it’s a find him a competent defensive coordinator thing.

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It seems to be JB’s style, one that some other HCs share, to be emotionally consistent/stable. However, maybe JB needs a No.2 that displays emotion/passion? Tough to know how the players might react.

One thing I would like to see JB do is pull the entire starting 5 when we are that flat and lifeless in the first quarter. Get them all off, maybe leave one or two if they’re really showing fight, but I want to see JB take definitive action on the players for these lacklustre/lazy starts. If he isn’t able to fire them up before hitting the court (one could argue he shouldn’t need to be, but let’s spread accountability across coaching staff and players) then let them know, unequivocally, that a lack of effort/fight is simply not acceptable.


Good sources have said there will be changes on the coaching staff next season. Triano is a big time offensive guy and probably a big reason why our offense has done so well.

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Coach, good post.
My thoughts on our defense
Melo needs two add weight and get stronger. And working his feet .
Terry it’s not much we can do there . I just think he will just have to guard points . He isn’t going to get faster or even stronger. Angle’s might help him some. Bridges is good in most areas But seams to get lost at times . Skeem knowledge might help some. That and less zone .PJ don’t put all out effort into it regular . He takes too many plays off. Plumlee good effort but has physical issues . He is way too slow and has trouble defending the paint. He all so can’t jump to contest shots . Not much you can do to inprove that.

Martin good defender in all areas
Oubre lack of effort on that side of the ball
IT lack of size
Trez a little small for the position . But brings great effort .

Thor , McDaniel’s , Kai to small of a sample size.
Bouknight needs Weight, effort, And to learn the basic’s of defending. Needs to start from the beginning and want to learn . Attitude all so needs to play a part . If no inprovment thair we need to move him this off season/

this. I so much very agree with this. There were several times earlier in the year that really ticked me off. Watching the refs or other teams walk all over us and he’s over there on the sidelines with his arms crossed or his hands in his stupid pockets.

I’m not saying he needs to lose his collective shit and have a meltdown, but dude. Stand up for your players. Go talk with the refs, get a technical, get your emotions into the game.


A technical foul on an obvious screw job wouldn’t hurt… or maybe after the game. Complain more about it. Fight for your team.

Not even just to argue calls, but I want to see JB infuse more emotion into this team. Especially during situations like the first quarter of the knicks game. This team just comes out flat and lifeless.

If you want to change the energy, you have to do something different. I’d love to see JB absolutely lay into this team during a timeout in the midst of one of those horrible 40 point first quarters to teams like NYK and OKC.


Pull a Bobby Knight, and throw a chair. I’d love to see that. Haha