Massive game against Gotham

Of course not a must win, but we will be battling this team all year for the number 5, 6, 7 seed etc.

We should have some confidence after the game in Memphis and this will be a great barometer as to where this team is right now.

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Let’s goooooooo!

Any notions of the front office looking for a big FoundingHornet?

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At the moment it looks like we are going the development route with the youngens. I’ll snoop around.

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After a long west coast trip most teams first games back . They tend to be real flat all ways wondered why. I still think we have personalities to get the win

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That California trip was brutal (again). After Jalen -.5 & Plumlee -1.3…next best on court +/1 was Rozier -5.
Worst of the poor performers bottom 3…Hayward -12, Cody -13.8, and Oubdre -15.8(what a awesome rebound in Memphis, sucked at Golden state, Kelly got a Cali problem?).

Good won’t see that again this season.

Scoring #2 at 114.5. Got to be better on defense league worst give up points at 117.5 and rebounding (#28). Players given to JB aren’t greatest for either, and sure hard to do on fly but coach going to need decide try to scheme…sacrifices points and pace for defense and rebounding…or just keep running things Doug Moe-like.

Knicks tough and 5-1 on road against some good teams. But look to see us brushing all that Cali mess off as we did in Memphis and beating Kemba and Knicks tonite!

We win tonight by 3

5-1 Against the Spread

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Well if that is the case it would really be nice to, you know, play them haha.

I agree for sure

Gonna have to box score watch this one going to the ECU basketball game tonight.

PJ still out

Thanks Kemba

Would be poetic for Kemba to own the first but Bridges and Ball own the second half.

Come on, universe!

There’s Borrego coaching like he’s up 25 up 10 late in the 3rd.

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Nice win LaMelo with 17 rebounds jeez


Well that was a fun game. I’m hopeful 2-4 quarter team is the team that shows up from here on our. But I’ve been hopeful for years.

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That was prescient

That’s a fun stat


6-1 against the spread… bang!