Buzz v Blazers 12.17.21

We might as well kick’em while they’re down


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Kinda wary about this game. Blazers on a looooong losing skid plus they got our number on their home floor. But anything is possible haha. Hope we show up today guns blazing, pun intended.

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Hornets win by 15 tonight. Book it

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Wonder if anyone else is in my advanced age group to get this reference.

I guess that makes us the Hornilons. :slight_smile:

Ehhh as I was saying. Not a good start. Hope the buzz boys can hang in there

TGFL. Thank God For Lamelo or we would be down 30 lol

Bad 3 pt defense but they are also making a lot of shots. Gotta keep fighting they should cool off

One of these days we will guard the 3 point line

Well almost 30 Hahaha

Mclemore avgs 1.5 made 3s on the year, has 6 at the half. Best half for Lillard this year TERRIBLE, and I mean terrible perimeter defense.

It’s my fault I read an article today on Lillards bad start to the season

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We benched Lamelo. It kinda worked but still, he wasn’t the reason we were down

Just felt that loss coming. We don’t consistently take middling teams seriously.

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Shame. Shame. Shame.

Absolutely pathetic

Lillard looked like Lillard last night. Ot was his best game of the season. Our first half defense was absolutely pathetic, held them to 44 pts second half.

Also, Blazers were just on fire from three and Mclemore destroyed us.

Lamelo looked good in his return and I thought tried pretty hard as usual. He should not have been benched but again, we went on a run with Ish, also, our guys just started playing better defense.

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I don’t understand how this team gives up 81 points in the first half to a beatable opponent. I just don’t get it. Oubre and Martin have been playing lights out and now back to second string. They’re both way more consistent and much better defenders than Terry or Gordon.

Hayward goes from scoring 41 to 6. Rozier scores 2 on 1 for 10 shooting. I’m sorry that’s just effing unacceptable. I’m kind of pissed off.


I’m with you keetch.

And I do have to say. It’s been next to damn year impossible for this team to find any consistency. At all.

I wish someone could put together and illustrated graphic to show how players have come and gone from the roster in terms of injuries, covid, etc.

but still. Cmon guys.

Terry and Hayward both looked real bad. And both sit most of the fourth. Melo sit because he was complaining about a call and not getting back. JB is tough but i agree with it.

I can’t understand how we can hold them to 44 points the 2nd half and give up 80 the first half.Is our defense a effort thing. O r is it Martin and Oubre are just way better defenders. I thought Terry was a decent defender and Gordon all so.

Seemed to me that we got off the bus w/ no effort. We do this all.the.time with sub .500 teams. I don’t think it’s Xs and Os coaching but don’t know if it’s coaching that cannot get them ready to play every game or it’s on the players. I tend to think the latter but over time if it never changes while the personnel does, it starts to point to the former.