2022 NBA Draft Lottery Night

Cross your fingers, send out a prayer, sit in the same spot on the couch all night, put on your favorite underwear, whatever it is that brings you some luck. It’s draft lottery night.


If we land a top three pick, I’ll buy you a jersey. A Dwight Howard jersey.


I’ll wear it with pride while reminiscing about defending Dwight every week on HP that season


We are moving up boys. I can feel it!

Number 1 pick incoming?


When we win the top pick. Who are we picking?

Would we pick Holmgrin?

I’m not very high on Chet, give me Paolo then we can use PJ + 15 for a big

I like Jabari mostly because I think shooting usually translates. I’m good with Paolo and think that LaMelo would love passing to him.

I have no idea how Chet translates to the NBA. I think that you have to start him at SF if he isn’t playing G-league - at least until he adds a bit more strength.

Jaden Ivey & Shaedon Sharpe are both good picks at 4. I lean Shaedon because of shooting again, but Jaden would just dunk everything.

Tonight’s the night the fortunes of this franchise change for ever. I believe it!

I like Jabari and Paolo over Chet also. I need to look at Ivey more but I like what I saw of Keegan Murray at 4

I can feel it in my plums.

Interesting that we sent PJ to represent at the lottery. Must be in the future plans…. Then again, Devonte was the good luck charm that got us Melo if I recall. He only lasted a season after that.

I feel like the universe owes us. We’ve only had 1 #1 pick in our whole entire, godforsaken 33 years of existence. I mean, the Cavs got like 4 #1s in 3 years, doesn’t even make sense. Orlando doesn’t deserve anymore either, OKC has 42 first rounders in the next 10 years, so they can win one later.

Universe, I do appreciate giving us the 3rd for Melo, but can we like actually get more than sporadic luck this time? I’ll sacrifice Bogg’s billionth undeserved city title run at David sterns alter for this chance. At least the southern Whalers knocked out that overrated, exposed, crusty old team on skates in beantown.

I swear, if the Cavs jump us tonight, I’ll lose it


In a 4 person draft we’ll draft fifth

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That sounds about right.

Welp that sucks

Well no fun tonight

Magic win it.

More or less likely to deal Bamba?

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Can we get Bamba of yall now Orlando. Damn!


Well I’d be stoked with Jalen Duran with where we are picking. Fits an athletic big to pair with Melo.

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