2022 NBA Draft Lottery Night

Neat. It’s just like how it ran in the draft simulator for me! Wild!

We already got the 15th pick from NO which was the absolute best possible outcome based on the restrictions attached to that Devonte trade. I think asking the lottery gods for another immediate gift was too much.


So Mark Williams or bust?

Mo Bamba or bust.


Mo Bamba 4/$60M looks good. We should get rid of Gordon one way or another tho.

We get Kemba + Bamba, Knicks get Hayward + Pick, Magic get D.Rose + Pick from us.

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There is a reason that Orlando is likely to let Mo walk. Fans there see him as a backup center on a good team at best. Paying $20m/year for that would hurt the Hornets like few other moves could.

I’m not saying that Mo is BAD or that I would hate to have him on the Hornets, but overpaying to do that would be a real problem. Also to play $20m/ the team would have to get Orlando to agree to a sign & trade. The likely cost of that is a draft pick. I’m expect the Hornets to trade a pick … but I honestly hope they get more value than Mo for that.

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In any trade we make Hayward, Plumlee, or Oubre . Money has to go back to match . If we waste Hayward money good bye Melo. Plums and Oubre are the two contracts to move. And we don’t have the money to use our full MLE on and sign any player

Hard disagree.

If moving Hayward is involved in any trade, at least with the Bamba example, we will not be getting much more than that.

That’s not how salary dumps works. Hayward has zero to no value right now. He’s played something around 60 games in two years and has two more years and 61million left. And he’s on the wrong side of 30.

Get it out of your head that Hayward has any kind of real trade value.

I think everyone agrees with you that Hayward’s contract is not moveable at this point. But I think you’re overstating the toxicity around him, or at least it seems like it, unless I misunderstood you.

I know its a completely bum contract if he can’t play. But there’s no urgency that we have to get him off the team right away and use any assets we have otherwise we’re stuck. When “healthy”***** (don’t know if that’s enough asterisks), he is a net positive player, even at that salary. Having someone fall on your ankle is a fluky injury that shouldn’t happen again, but his fluky accident proneness does seem to be a cosmic trait of his.

But if we manage his load more carefully, maybe even turn him into a super 6th man, his playmaking will be very complementary. If he’s balling out and a playoff team think he’s the piece to get them through, pull the trigger. Or, he could help us in a playoff “run”.

And if not, then he’ll be a huge expiring contract, which will be really good to have to trade for either a disgruntled star or an expensive player that a cap strapped team needs to get rid of. Then you can combine him with picks/young players to get a better piece. Our leverage as of now is non-existent, whereas a year from now it will be a good thing to have.

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Thanks QC [quote=“QC_Thundercats, post:29, topic:1457, full:true”]


Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been higher on Gordon than others. Trust me. But he just simply doesn’t play. My desire to dump him has nothing to do with his abilities. You don’t need to sell the benefits of Gordon Hayward to me.

In fact, I agree with all of the things you stated. I’d absolutely love to see those things and I love the versatility that Hayward brings.

A front office that just fired coach JB and is trying to bring in mike D’Antoni is not going to be content to pay Hayward 61 million more dollars for two more years after these previous two.

The FO is making more aggressive moves and will not be content to let Hayward sit and simply eat cap space like nic batum. Take the L, trade him, and move on.

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Negative. Trading Hayward is simply a salary dump. We have to sign Miles this year and max out Lamelo in two years. We’re not trading Hayward to bring in an expensive player from a “cap strapped” team or a “disgruntled star”.

Miles 30, Terry 26, Melo 30+. That’s almost 90 million.

Why just sit for two years with no cap flexibility and just wait for Hayward to finally expire when you can ship him out with picks to jumpstart this next phase of the team.

The FO didn’t fire JB to just sit here with their thumbs up their asses. Dead weight is starting to move in charlotte.

Pawell I will agree we disagree and hope the team make’s the right moves.

Another fan posted trade i just read about would be WCJ from the magic averaging 16ppg and 11 boards for Plumlee and Bouknight and 15th
He is said to be a very good defensive player and plays both ends .

Pass. I want a three point shooter at center. Bamba shoots 38%. A 7’0 center running a pick and roll above the three point line who can pick and pop a three from Melo? That’s deadly

Yea, I tend to agree. At the very least, he needs to be able to hit a wide open 3. A centre who the other team can’t easily scheme off the floor has to be able to operate, to an acceptable level, on the perimeter, both in terms of shooting and defending. I’d happily forego a bit of brute strength inside for the ability to operate outside.

I’ll happily concede that, by no means is Bamba the finished article, but he has improved markedly and would be a huge, seismic upgrade for our rim protection. If we can go into next season with Bamba, Kai, Richards, PJ, McDaniels and Thor as our Bigs I will be extremely happy. There’s enough ability for us to compete next season and a huge amount of potential for the seasons to come.

Im with that. All I’m saying today that Bamba is a low risk high reward guy that won’t break that bank. And he’s 23.

The longer the playoffs go on, the more I’d prefer a center that provides defensive flexibility as his top trait. More than shot blocking, more than stretching the floor, more than free throws over 23% (though that one pretty much dictates the flexibility of being in the floor).

If that means we build instead of buy or lease, I think that’s the best strategy.

I think we all feel that tick-tocking in the background from the future Melo extension. But it just seems that you’re feeling it more warmly, that we need to give up extra assets just to feel safer.

I feel that it’s the time to be as bold as possible. Gordon is the exact piece to trade for an expensive star, absolutely. We’ve never had a transcendent player who can change the course of the franchise, and with our lottery luck, it may be another 30 years before we get another one. If ever we go over the luxury tax line at some point, this is the one time you do make the bold move to get as much talent on the team as possible.

One, I don’t think miles is getting 30. Maybe 25-26, more in line with John collins deal. Terrys deal actually isn’t as crazy as it seems, he’ll only have the 56th highest salary next year at 21.5, by the time it hits 26 in 4 years, he’ll be a tradeable expiring, and that salary will probably be average for a starting guard. And he’ll be moveable before that if necessary.

So basically just Melo and Miles are the big contracts we’ll carry, adding a third star in the 30+ range with Gordon’s contract and the other assets that we should save for now to sweeten the deal, that could actually net us a big 3. I feel getting rid of Gordon’s contract now with a first round pick or 2 will throw away that future possibility, in addition to costing us good young prospects at a rookie controlled scale.

I just don’t see a need to get rid of Gordon’s contract right away, the lost opportunity cost is too great to make it worth it.

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Remember if Hayward goes out 30milion has to come back in and if you want Melo we have to be that far under the luxury tax at the very least 3o million. So we have to have that money . Signing Bridges and Martin is going to put us close this year signing rookies 149 million is the Luxury tax we will have to stay under. So if we going to stay under we going to have to send out a player or players making the same as what is coming back in.
It’s no way we can dump 30 million without 30 coming back in. Unless that team is that far under the regular tax limit . I think OKC is the only team that could take on that kind of contract sending nothing back and they would want tons of draft compensation. Trading Plumlee and Oubre will give us 21 million to work with. That is about the only way to up grade and stay under Luxury tax.

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Ironically they are projecting as an over the cap team this year when it all shakes out. To your point, I think we literally will have no dance partners under the cap.