Draft Prospects 2021

I started checking his highlights the last couple of days. Looks like he can shoot the lights out. If he can develop into a better finisher he’s going to be a problem.

I am absolutely convinced that we need to draft a right-sized wing. At 11, I am all about Moses Moody. Someone walk me off that ledge if it’s off-base.

The ledge your on is that #11 is going to be a huge difference maker.

Edit: Too harsh. Take the best upside player without a huge hole in their game

Nah, that’s not the ledge. The ledge is the question about is there something fundamentally wrong with/missing with Moody’s game?

If I we’re talking about having to draft the best big available, and thinking that guy will matter this year or even next, then that’s putting stock in a difference maker. I can see a competent wing provide first year value anywhere from 5th to 45th.

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No I think Moody would be great at 11, he might actually be gone before that. I think wing swings are your best bet for the mid to late lottery slots. If moody is gone I’m high on Springer or would love for Scottie Barnes to fall. Also this goes against what I just said and no one really has him in the lottery but it’s hard not to like Isaiah Jackson’s stock numbers.

Sengun is a can’t miss offensive talent. Defense is the concern there. Also, he isn’t really a floor spacer at this time although he is only 18. The crazy thing?

He averaged 19.2 pts, 9.4 rebounds (4.1 offensive), 1.3 steals and 1.7 blocks per game in 28 mins with 65% shooting from the field.

MVP of the Turkish league is a BIG deal. Recent history would suggest that if this guy makes it to 11 you grab him. I would bet he rises up the board over the next month.

I have not done a deep dive on Moody yet but I love his measurements for sure and I totally think that it would benefit us greatly to have a 3 and d guy so that we don’t have to play Body Martin anymore (offensive brick wall)

Moody good pick at 11. Other wings better shooters, shot creators, passers, upside risk, none as good in all with athletics, IQ, highest floor. Our draft area if Barnes, Keon gone as expect…take over Krisper, Bouknight, Giddey, Jalen Johnson.
Hunter, Mikael Bridges, 3&D type

For us, can see in rotation right away, ahead of Martin twins…
no scorer, not replace Monk offensive talent when Monk head in game and could get on court…a Miles in 3 years? Not feeling it, but felt Miles best was a 3&D when we drafted

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Others may already know, but holy wow, Moody not even best player coming out Montverde high school team…heck bet some had not top 3 at time…behind Cade Cunningham, Scottie Barnes, DaRon Sharpe.

Ok, so I watched about 1 min of moody highlights. I am sold on him at #11. For a freshman he already has size, showed some muscle and hits shots from 22ft to 8ft which is super important.

I like what I’ve seen of Moody a lot. Feels like a pretty safe pick, someone with great measurables who can contribute as a shooter if nothing else. I just know we’ve got to find a way to find a star to pair with melo at some point via mid 1st round pick (cause that’s where we’ll always be) like a Giannis or Booker or Mitchell or Kawhi. So part of me is looking for more of a swing for the fences type pick but maybe Moody has that potential.

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like some wings, bigs look like a reach.
Think point guard for us at #11 could be Davion Mitchell. Top prospect skills and talent, not guarantee top 10 because height (6.0/6’.125 shoes), not super athletic and long, and old (22). Lets say at minimum a better Devonte Graham-type for us getting minutes right away. DG and holds waived, about 23 million free agency cap + MLE.

No other PG jumps out at me at #11 w/o reaching, bigger reaches than bigs and we take big.
Not one of my top 10 at 11, lets move down, throw out a guess. #11 for OKC #16 & #18…a prev 11 mcdermott went for 16 Jurkic, 19 Harris. OKC w/ lots of picks makes sure gets high upside high risk guy at #11 (Jalen Johnson?). Good guard prospects back half first round, Butler is likely best play right away scenario. And get a big from Kai, Asperen, Garuba, other. And include Nick or Carey(and get pick 36 again and whack-a-Martin)…and leave about 22.5 million + MLE.

Why I think his game will translate: seems to have good length, surprising athleticism, and plays with explosiveness while attacking the rim.

Not saying he will be Jokic 2.0, but he has me pretty intrigued

I have not watched a full game yet just highlight vids so I am reserving ultimate judgement until that time

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24 minutes looked good on court, bigger and more athletic than Uruguayans

18 min Czech, 7 pts but 3-7, 7 rbs, 4 ass, 0 turnovers
Czech bigger and Jan Vasely went for 13 pts/11 rbs

One shot shot taken just outside of paint both games
listed 6 foot 9, if he can really play NBA center interesting talent to consider at 11, but after Miles and PJ not really need draft PF again and doesn’t blow me out of the world as have to take anyhow

I’ve heard online his measurements might be off

I don’t know if he’s the guy I’d want her but he’s in the mix of like 5 players I’m interested in

For that move alone, I’m cool with drafting this guy.

Same, haha. It is decided.

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Depending on how things shake out and rejockey for position in a few weeks, KJ could be way fun too