2022 Draft: Who you like?

I would like to see a true PG with 45. Need one in Greensboro to help develop those guys down there.


I thought what I saw last night didn’t require us moving to get him. He was available in the very late lottery.

Again, I know nothing, but his window appears to be a broad one for where he will be picked. A lot of question marks about the guy from what I read.

Is Dyson Daniels a poor man’s Ben Simmons?

I likely know less. I was just doing some scanning of where names seem to pop and saw Duren and Sochan range from 8-15. Eason, a name I have heard from college hoops guys for a few weeks, seems on the 8 side and Mark Williams seems on the 15 side. As of now, that and who the top 4 are is the limit of my knowledge.

The Eason / Sochan interest for me is that the player comparisons and summaries made me think both these guys are highly effective defenders out on the wing (or will be).

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I will be supremely disappointed if they make a selection with either pick. They need to be combined and/or attached move players to acquire an actual playoff roster


For sake of conversation, what picks take the edge off your supreme disappointment?

I agree Chef. If our latest draft picks didn’t have a chance to crack the rotation, we have some good ammunition now to go get some help. This is when you supplement what you have to take the next step into the Top 6.

Resign Miles
Move off Gordon somehow with this ammunition
Find a damn consistent knockdown shooter
Get a defensive anchor and figure out a scheme and believe in it


It’s just that historically anything outside of the lottery has little chance of being a star. Sure there are some giant outliers but statistically you are hoping for a player to develop into a rotational guy.

I really think this team is in a situation where if there isn’t a serious upgrade to top 4 in the east and multiple national appearances each month, LaMelo will bolt.

I really think this is an all-in off-season. Not saying they need to do what the bulls did last year but something in that ballpark.

Two mid round rookies aren’t going to do a bit of difference. Combining them and getting the 7th or 8th pick won’t either.


I agree with this, I do feel if we cannot move Gordon (or some other big financial clearing), it makes everything very difficult other than draft however.

Mitch drafts bigs and pick at least one at 13/15. Like set up you said.

Eason, Sochran…”positionless”, athletic, defend, with some skills
Gives flexibility on court and possible other roster moves. PJ & Jalen (club option) in last year.

Duren, Williams…huge Nick Richards upgrades if going to keep an old school big. Nick in last year unguaranteed anyhow.

Of the 11-20 last year draft guards, Bouk & #12 the 18 year old Primo look like need most work. I dont think means FO give up on SG/PG Bouknight, still IMO has potential to be best of group, just ain’t going to be easy.

Like some SF/SG wings in range. While guess could juggle things on roster for both, if take Agabi for example, most likely cause Mitch wants no more Bouk.

…so feeling no #15 & Bouk, #15/Bouknight & 1-2 vet players for that 3-4.2 million (Cody?)

Edit: 2nd rounder like Alindes Williams early on as said, but at 45? Seen more undrafted than picked.

Oh Lord yes, Alondes is such a Swiss Army knife offensively and has great size to play in the NBA. If he’s only warranting a mid-second round pick, we’d be fools to not pick him up.

He’s #49 on the Tankathon board. They project him to twolves at #51

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As for second round (pick 45), what can any big college ball watcher tell me about Delen Terry?

I think that 15 is too high for him and 45 is likely too late, but I really like Oscar Tshiebwe.

I’m finding it tough to get behind prospects this season because the deficiencies we have need addressing in our starting 5 and regular, high minute rotation players and a rookie isn’t going to come in and fill that void.

That said, Jalen Duran is one that I really like, and I can see a world where he becomes a hell of a player. He’s still very raw offensively, but would instantly be the best rebounder and rim protector on our roster.

As others have noted, Jeremy Sochan is also intriguing, but his shooting is worrying. Certainly worth a look at, as we need lengthy defenders. He just needs to be able to hit his free throws and open 3s to break into a rotation.

Mitch drafted a lot of 3&D player types in 2nd round, and this year 45 a couple from Wake in Alondes Williams, F LaVaria and others.

Like Christian Braun, Kansas
should be not there at 45…Like a Tsiewbwe a borderline lottery probably way too high

6’7 218
tnhornetsfan tankathon site:
strenghts…FG%, Blocks, Def Rebounds, Rebounds, Fouls, 2P%, Off Rebounds, Def Box +/-,EFG%
weakness…Points, Proj NBA 3P%, Steals, FT%, Draft Age

If only want if a swing for a star, not pick. seems If you want a Craig Ehlo type with a high probability ready to play sooner than later…should be a solid pick.

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I don’t expect it, but it would be really fun if the Hornets moved into the top 4 with their own pick. There are some guys at the top that I would love for them to be able to draft.

3&D in their current range - I kind of like Ochai Agbaji.

I actually got the tankathon simulator to give us a top 4 pick twice. Of course it took about a 1000 tries before it worked. But to see that high draft pick show up was a dream come true. On to reality.

My preference is for: Duren, M Williams and TyTy. We were supposed to have secured a 2 guard last year but I will understand if we draft another 2 this year. When you have IT as your backup PG and M Plumlee as your starting C (and a 6-7 guy as his backup) then yeah you can write off the playoffs.

I can’t, I won’t let myself dream of Banchero or Smith on the Hornets … that would be too good to be true.

Agree on Ochai, seems ideal 3&D and likely seasoned enough to be a contributor next season … IF we create space on the roster for him. Assuming we resign Cody, I can’t see us drafting a SG while we have Ball, Terry, Cody & Bouknight on the roster (no idea if Lewis will factor in or not).

I’m still of the opinion that Terry & Bouknight are ideal 6th man options and ought not coexist on the roster for too long.