23 Late first round pick

Like Keegan too. And He’s also old (lol old turning 23 b4 season) which is a thing above poster suggested for late pick and like…we pick this ‘old man’ to roster with all other younger kids.

The mature list ain’t long, he’s at the top.

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Really, super-duper, big time want Bobi Klintman at 27th if he’s still on the board at that point. I don’t think we’d regret that pick at all.

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So does anyone have any good thoughts on how to move up in this draft? Dallas tanked to keep their pick, but I’m sure they would rather have a proven player than an unsure bet at 10 who may not be ready, or maybe never develop.

Maybe they’d be interested in Terry to bring a secondary scorer with Luka? And we could take Bertans off their salary cap, who has a year less than Terry for 7-8 million less.

Would they do Terry + 27 + later 2nd for 10 + Bertans? Then we could land Scoot and maybe Grady Dick for shooting. Or maybe Jordan Hawkins if Dick is gone?

Also Orlando’s 11th pick could be grabbed, but may be harder to do. They have good younger pieces, don’t know if adding 2 more is ideal for them. I don’t know if they’d want what we have.

The Thunder also have a lot of young guys to develop, with a billion future 1st rounders, so maybe they’d trade out of 12 for vet presence. Golden State at 19 also may want a more mature player and salary cap help, so there might be a way to do a switcheroo.

This draft could be very fundamental to consolidating our assets, balancing the roster, and setting a good path forward for the next few years. If we can jump back in the lottery, I’m fine with only having 2 or 3 picks rather than 5 this year. Just are really limited in what we can trade back in terms of players.

I like your idea . I think it could and should be done. Players I don’t think players has to be added in. The 27th 34 th 37th and 41st To move up has to be tempting to a few teams.

From everything I have seen Portland wants to move off 3 for a real two way sf. Not that Charlotte has that.

Dallas, I just don’t see it. Terry doesn’t fit.

If only Hayward could actually stay on the floor. Hayward on Dallas would be good.

Heard today Portland wanted Miller and thinks we want him. The anouncer said we should trade 2 for 3 and next years first. Would be nice if true.


If Portland really wants Miller and is willing to trade up for him, then yeah, we should definitely smokescreen the hell out of them, and see what else they wanna give us for the swap.

But they might be smokescreening us to maybe get a shot at Scoot, then trade Lillard for riches.


That would be sure nice but I don’t want to get my hopes too high.

This would be a super interesting pick. Like the upside. I’m down

#27 + Terry to the magic for gary harris and $ filler if necessary and #6 (more likely #11)?

I would do Terry and 27 for a filler for 11

I saw a video of Kris Murray absolutely lighting it up from 3 during a workout.

If we can sneak back up and get one of Grady, Hendricks, Hawkins, or Murray, that would be the ultimate win.

Young core of Melo, Scoot, Mark, and one of those shooters is a very promising foundation. Definitely like DSJ’s toughness to add, I still like PJ’s 3 point spacing, defensive versatility, and secondary playmaking ability with that mix. It looks like Miles might be added to that mix, but not sure. Bryce and one of Kai or Thor is good to keep developing in the background.

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Well I used to be skeptical of all of your crazy ideas but d@mn your sinister plan of trying to win the lottery this year ALMOST WORKED so who am I to second guess wild @ss posts like these?

If we got the 11th pick, then I would take Grady Dick. He big (no pun intended) and can shoot (no pun intended)!

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I just realized now that we have to get him just for the Eric Collins takes. He won’t be able to help himself.

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Who was the UConn offensive genius in tournament? That dude can shoot

Ummm absolutely not

I know right.

And they had the nerve to say:

“this deal presents a path to success for both the Hornets and Suns at a very reasonable price across the board. There is really not much to complain about in this deal from either team’s perspective.”

No way I’m doing that trade.

Really amazed they didn’t find a way for Charlotte to trade Ball for CP3’s pair of knees and one of his hamstrings there.

What a dumbass trade suggestion. Hated I wasted a click


We are such an afterthought to the national media that they even titled the section that pertains to us as “Phoenix solves most of their problems”.

Absolutely ridiculous proposal.

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