23 Late first round pick

I know Brett, he’s a good guy but that trade was WAY off.

I’ve messaged him offering to bounce trade ideas off me in the future to try and stop this sort of… eh… Proposal if you can call it that


I think Murray would be a great add, if he’s there at #27, or close enough for us to trade up to get. Plug and play 3&D wing, with good size. I guess it would only be his age that might mean he’s available in the 20s?

Another huge concern for me, if true, is miller being out of shape. NFL or NBA, anytime a prospect is out of shape for essentially your job interview, it speaks to work ethic. More so, it speaks to not loving what you are gifted at. I can look past it deeper in the draft, but not at #2.

“Hornets general manager "The Dude" is known to place individual team workouts very high up on his priority list when it comes to his decision-making process, and it’s unclear what type of workout Miller – who was recovering at home in Nashville, Tennessee, from mononucleosis while his peers were training for the pre-draft process – will be able to conduct on his visit to Charlotte. Miller has lost 13 pounds and hasn’t had much basketball activity since the season ended, his agent, Wilmer Jackson, confirmed to ESPN.”


Yeah, I just saw that Miller has mono. Has Givony always been this sloppy? I was a big fan of DraftDX before stupid ESPN+ bought it and put it behind a paywall.

And I didn’t see any article or tweet clarifying why he thought workouts were poor. Seems bad form to impugn someone’s character without retracting and explaining.

Also, Miller’s agent probably needed to get that info before the combine, not the best look for him either.


Remember that his old running mate is now AGM with Portland so I’d look at any takes Portland adjacent as possibly tinged with conflict. Not intentional conflict, just might be hard to not look through a Mike Schmitz’ lens/lean.


Yes, Miller is losing the PR battle and his representation don’t appear to be striking back. I suppose because they know they’re either going 2 or 3, so why fight a battle in the media, when all they have to do is impress us and/or Portland? Especially when he fits both rosters perfectly.

The only negatives that have been put out there are from a single tweet from a single source, who has connections that bring his impartiality into question. Very, very poor form. Worse than unprofessional.

The other thing to keep in mind is that there actually isn’t a pr battle if the leagues FO are aware of the mono diagnosis.

What we think is completely irrelevant. It doesn’t matter.

Warning: coach don’t waste your click

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I like Williams and all but he’s not Ayton. He could be down the road or could be better but right now you have a proven center in Ayton averaging a double double that still fits into our timeline on a 3 or 4 year deal. I know they aren’t going to want Hayward, probably Terry, Williams and 27 I would take that. Resign DSJ, Oubre, PJ and Miles and try trading some of the seconds to get back in the first round.

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Ayton was completely ineffective in the playoffs. I can’t understand why you would want to pay $30+ mil for that? So what if Williams is never better than he right now, you are only into it for $5m per year.

Like I said earlier if it isn’t embiid or jokic, I would not pay $30mil for a center


Remember when people were wanting Gobert here? Woof. Feel the same about Ayton.

And yeah, the charlotte hornets is the national media’s favorite dumping ground for super teams to make basically free upgrades. 95% of the mentions in trade articles are that typical bullshit, or they rope in the hornets as a third team to get dumped on. Sort of like this:


If we draft Scoot and move Melo to the 2 then we should use that second pick to upgrade the 4. PJ is a Hornets starter but on a serious play off team he’s a back up. We should probably use that 2nd first round pick and Terry to get a decent and proper PF. I would try to roll w JT as a back up 4 while keeping Kai as a backup backup C.

I am saying, w Scoot or Brandon we would only have one starting position to fix (assuming that Miles comes back).

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I’ll be pretty surprised if they keep the 27th pick. We can soon watch last years 13th pick further degrade into more future seconds.


I wouldn’t mind seeing them trade the 2nd rounders and 1st to try to package with a player (terry/Gordon) to ship out. Or use that as ammo to move as far up the 1st round as possible.

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Would any team dumb enough to take a few seconds and a very late first to move up into the lottery? Maybe pick 13?

We could try to trade up for a player who falls in the draft.

We have great history with drafting players that have fallen in the draft :face_with_monocle::rofl:

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I think that moving up into the lottery is a bit of a stretch (but I will still speculate because things are gravy now). Moving up 5 to 7 spots should be a front office goal! I am thinking that we could get a great shooter w the second pick or a PF who would be a serviceable back at some point in the season. We have viable options.

Heck we can even dream big because any of these teams would like to have Terry: GS, Miami, Lakers - heck how about Dallas? Luka needs help yesterday not in two years from a risky “upside pick”.

As suggested before wait for somebody to fall and go scavenging:

Leonard Miller
Kris Murray
Dariq Whitehead
Jett Howard???

Guys we are in an excellent spot!

If we have a chance to pick Klintman in the 20s, that’s the guy I want above all others.

Solid, I largely agree. I bet jett Howard is a surprise pick that goes a bit earlier than expected. Great player.

Oh, and for context, when I said trade 2nd rounders to move into the first I didn’t meant like back into the top 10 or anything. The value isn’t there for other teams. Maybe if we packaged a player or put a future first in we could move back into the late lottery.