2022 Draft Night Thread


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Perk and his comps… Banchero and Ben Simmons? Chet and Giannis? I mean, they’re all tall, but…


Perk had too many concussions, he is delusiona

Rockets just got the best player

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I bet whomever picks Sharpe is who gets the best player of this draft. … or a complete bust :wink:

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Sooooo Hornets maybe then?

I really doubt he drops past 7th.

We probably won’t know for sure until 3 years from now.

I would take a chance on him

Now Perk with Shareef and Durant for Jabari? Does he just have an all time NBA players list in front of him, and he just points and says a name? We should turn this into some drinking game.

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There should be a list of players you can’t use. Durant is a generational player. Same as LeBron. You shouldn’t use them as comps.


Surprised murray is the better player i think hear

You got an antenna? Its on abc too

Can we get TNT on the draft? Damn

i can’t stand Perk. so often when i listen to him on tv, i end up thinking at some point “what the fuck are you talking about”. I don’t understand why he’s on tv. Find anyone else. anyone.


Kind of surprised that Woj hasn’t tipped our 2023 first round pick yet.

Yeah, he’s picking these once in a lifetime unicorns. Nobody is Giannis or Durant. Chet should be Porzingis or Byron Mullins, sane Beasley actually seems good for Banchero. The Keegan one was actually ok.

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Ivey crying he didn’t fall but one pick

draft is starting now

What a weird concoction of emotions this year’s draft brings, with everything going on across the Franchise… let’s see what the next half hour brings