Time for a big rebounder

After watching Plumdog it has become clear we need a rebounding ,rim protecting big. Bridges , Melo , Hayward all rebound better than Plumdog. Kelly and Vern Booknight ,Kia a combination. to address this glaring need. Who do you think would fit this glaring need with out buying the farm.


Will NO be willing to part with Jackson Hayes already? Given they signed JV to a long term contract. Okay stop gap for us I guess.

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Watched a little of PHO and NO. Would like Javele McGee on the Hornets roster.

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Go get mo Bamba. He can’t be that expensive.


Is Myles Turner just never going to happen?

Bamba works for PJ and Vern

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Obre + pj + 2nd for Bamba and Terrance Ross?


I agree with the initial post that we have needs that Plumlee isn’t addressing. And I wouldn’t object to pursuing Bamba or some other big. But, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, I think we need to give Nick a longer look to see what he can do before unloading assets for another guy.

To say I wasn’t impressed with Nick last year, last summer or in preseason would be an understatement of epic proportions. But he had two consecutive outings recently where he delivered solid minutes. He’s long and athletic and with continued development, could offer decent rebounding and rim protection. All we need from him offensively is to finish layups and dunks. He’s definitely shown improvement this season. I’d like to explore where his ceiling is by throwing him a few more minutes.


Have to agree. I have been one of his biggest critics, but Nick has actually mDe a jump, and while he still has no hands, he has shown an ability to rebound and defend the rim that excites me.

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yes, but if the goal of this team is the playoffs, he isn’t it. this is not a playoff team (in my opinion, they shouldn’t sell the farm to do it) anyway, but a decent big would probably do it.

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Me i think woods would put us over the top. I might give up a decent wing and and one of our two first round pick’s Book or Kia. That might be to much to give up. But Woods would fit well hear.

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Would Harry Giles, Aron Baynes, DeMarcus Cousins, hell even Biz be a better option then what we have now?

Plums has been a disaster so far. Agree the dude is perfect as a backup, not a starter. I just dont know what we are willing to trade (or if anyone is even available) for a starting caliber C. Such is the life i guess of a Hornets fan. Team will great players at given position at different points in time but never together :woozy_face::woozy_face:

I miss Biz. Who does he play for now? Or is he still a free agent?

Perhaps the most frustrating aspect of this for me is that we’ve had cap space the past two off seasons yet still have essentially done nothing to address our issues at C. Wood was there for the taking two summers ago and Holmes last year. Maybe we pursued one or both and it didn’t work out, but I feel like we kind of missed our window.

Now we’re capped out and will have to give up significant assets to trade for a decent big.

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Well they chose to pursue Gordon last year. Maybe they also pursued Holmes but wanted to stay in Sactown

All the guys I listed are free agents

Exactly. And that’s been precisely the problem. We’ve been starting back up caliber players at C ever since Big Al left. The one exception was the Dwight year. He was still a capable starter at that point, but couldn’t accept the fact that we didn’t need to play through him.

And while I love Hayward and what he’s brought to this team, I would’ve prioritized young Wood at 13mil over older Hayward at 30mil + the stretch, as our primary FA target a couple of years ago simply because SFs are easier to come by than quality Cs.

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FO seems cheap and rather disinterested in getting JB a quality

Plumlee disappoint but personally not seriously expecting greatness.

Rozier though…damn horrible…how about earning 97 million. Hell how about prévios contracts 57 million.

Edit: open spot for center
no like eat money but cut Carey Slow no bounce or athleticism and a worse player than Thor

4-12, 6 Turnovers, 5 rebounds, 4 fouls opening swarm night

I thought the Christian Wood thing was that he outwardly did not want to come here. And Richaun Holmes seems like he never intended to leave SAC. In both cases, I don’t read that we left something on the table there, just that we weren’t in consideration. Now that doesn’t absolve Mitch & Co of not finding a better fill-in for C than Mason. I am somewhat surprised that we aren’t shopping at the Bagley store if he’s so completely not in their plans but at the same time, it might be more knockoff Flex-Seal patching the side of a cigarette boat.