Hornets in Indiana

The wheels on the tank have gotten stuck in the mud lately, will it start rolling again this afternoon?

Might be the first year we won’t have Myles Turner trade rumors

That second quarter was typical Hornets. Seems we used our good 5 quarters for the rest of the season.

Terry’s shooting is really perplexing. He goes from spitting fire to airballing midrange shots. I don’t recall him ever shooting like this prior and makes me wonder if we hear about some ailment later.

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I have no idea why Myles Turner has been on the trade block forever. That guy is a defensive terror. His combination of rim protection and floor spacing should make him a no brainer for Indy to keep around.

I am thinging Plumlee gives us another first round draft pick this year . Kid is really looking good . A lot of teams could use him in the playoffs this year. If Oubre gets back in time befor the trade deadline five teams are rumored to want him another first. Richards watch out for him netting a first all so. We wont make all thease moves but one or two are possible.
I am hoping we do a Hayward , Oubre, filler for Westbrook. I do it with out any picks coming our way. Watch for Terry going to New York. PJ could all so be on the move for assets . Will Mitch have the guts to make a move at all???/

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Martin looked really good tonight . He does all the dirty things on the floor . DSJ plays the same way. Bad calls and bad coaching did us in not useing his time outs or chanlaging bad calls We can’t save a challenge to the next game why not use it. The last call on Melo should have been reversed.

Plumlee plays so well for 3 quarters but man he always seems to fail at the end of games.

Mark Williams has shown great potential, but still he’s often caught out of position or a step slow for a rebound or block.

Still I’d like to see him challenged in leverage situations at end of games when Plumlee’s flaws are so often exposed. Clifford needs to grow a pair. It’s on him.

Still…Plumlee helps secure some late game losses so….but no way I’m giving Clifford credit for that kind of strategy. That’s not remotely what he’s doing.

LeMelo has no friends among NBA officials. Yes, he makes some dumb fouls, but yes some are ticky-tacky calls too.


He’s definitely getting the young’un treatment. But in a way, I kind of like it - he’ll have to learn to adjust rather than grow up entitled and expecting a whistle.

I like how he doesn’t hunt for fouls like Trae Young or Harden, but he’s gonna have to learn the change of pace game inside the 3. When he gets into the paint, he needs to learn how to jump stop and throw a pump fake to get defenders off balance. When he figures this out, he’ll be unguardable, but he’s making it too easy for defenders to force him into a tough shot and hoping for a bailout from the refs.

Easy adjustment, he just needs to get to it.

(But he also needs to stop reaching all the time for stupid fouls. Gotta get in a deep stance like you’re a Martin twin, move your feet)

This is a hornets thing. Especially in the regular season teams don’t really start playing until the 4th quarter. Same thing in the playoffs. There’s another gear in the playoffs that teams play at. The hornets only have that gear to get them into the playoffs. It’s why they get crushed in playing games and first round series.

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