Rivalry Week vs our Arch Nemesis the Bulls?

Let’s crush our fake rival!

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Let’s give Mark Williams 30 minutes and bring Kai in off the bench tonight. Give me reasons to watch…

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We’re going to resign Plumlee for like 3 more years aren’t we? Haha

Crazy last 20 games for him with the great shooting percentage in NBA history….

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Plumlee i don’t want to let go unless we get a good player back or a first round pick. Williams is playing like a starter. Terry played great defense tonight . He might be worth two first thats most likely a little over hype but it is closer than people think. Melo played like crap but he was playing hurt one could tell. That wrist needs some long term rest if not more. Hayward played well all so . PJ feel a sleep and missed the game tonight. Our best played game of the year.

I went to the game tonight, first off I was shocked at the size of the crowd. Kudos to the fans for supporting the team despite the struggles.

But I did leave at the half. Too many kids around me up and down smh. Lol

The Plumlee crossover jumper, amazing lol.

I watched Gordon warming up - got there super early. He is really out of sync man. Looked frustrated, missed a lot of just warm up open jumpshots. He really needs a confidence boost.

That’s the problem with Plumlee for me… if we don’t let him go… Mark Williams will not start. It needs to happen for the future of the team. Terry, I’m good at holding onto unless we get a good return for him. I still think he’s young enough to fit with the team.

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I can absolutely see us resigning Mason and letting Richards go. One of them has to go, and I fear the front office simply does not understand how to operate as a small market team in the modern NBA. Mason will be back on too much money for too many years, and he will start, he’ll play too many minutes, and he’ll finish games even when Williams is firing on all cylinders.

As an aside, I like Mason, as a backup centre. Even better when pared with a D minded and able PF.

I can see it his too. I can also see me quitting when they do.

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not get good trade deal, want Plumlee back but price high
getting one needed veteran big on roster at the moderate ranges to come here…limited options in free agency…Ibaka, Powell, Plumlee…other vet not likely but Mitch may change mind and throw 5-10 MLE at a Drummond or Boban

more likely we keep doing what we do and go after the broken and unwanted and get some 2nds…Noel or Theis.

Edit: C weak, get one veteran PF on roster not much better but we can ‘make splash’ and pay Love 20+ to come here, with 5-10 MLE types…Green, Mycal, Taj?

First time I recall having our full starting lineup. Honestly, if not for the injuries, this would be a regular type of win we’d have. Probably would be settled in nicely in 7th-8th place (NOT a good place) ensuring our mediocratic run. Not sure if mediocratic is a real word, but think is should be created strictly to apply to Charlotte sports.

Bulls are a mess. They shoot just as bad as us, which is a horrible place to be. Maybe this roster was predicated on having Lonzo be a crucial piece, but I could feel their low energy. They should probably work some mega trade with Toronto, because there are some good pieces, they just don’t work together for both teams. But also two teams if we get extreme lottery luck and a couple smart trades at the deadline, we could pass easily in the standings.

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