The Losing to the Nets Thread

Down at the half, not looking good

One ankle comes back in Terry, one ankle goes back out in DSJ. Law of ankles I guess.

Glad to see Terry back.

Plumlee is so trash. How does he let Watanabe make that shot?

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KD is good folks

Would you trade Gordon + Bridges + 3/4 1st rd picks + 3 2nd rd picks for Durant?

Yes I would. Those first round picks would be traded into late first rounders or second round picks anyway. We don’t value them, so we might as well trade them.

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If he would stay here for 3 years

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Really frustrated by Cliff breaking that lineup with 5-6 mins left. That was insane. Inexplicably stupid shit. How to undermine your team in a minute 46 seconds.

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Richards goes out 12 points up with six and a half left . Clifford watches the flowers grow after Richards get,s took out. He all so took Rozier out the same time he took Richards out . And puts a bordor line G league player in to replace Terry. Going to lose this team quick Cliff

It just pissed me off bad . It’s bad coaching and then thairs this shit no coaching at all . Then blame it on the players after the game.


I’m with you Dav. That was just gross.

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Took me a while to go listen to his post game and man what an ass. Blame the players there for not getting a rebound, just really, really gross.

I’m telling you guys, we are stealth tanking.

And Plumlee is our Tank Commander. This is not the first time this has happened this year, SEVERAL times this season we have reinserted Plumlee late in games and fallen flat (Golden State is an example).

I mean he HAS to be getting shopped right? Like it seems to be time to trade him and go with Richards and Williams. Richards has been better than plumlee all season

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I hope they will play our young core more after the trade deadline and we are tanking. Want to see MOAR THOR, Kai, Mark, Bryce.

If we lost this game up 12 with 6 to go because we subbed in Bouk, Thor, and Nick; I would have applauded it. That we pulled the juniors in favor of the seniors is what has me so vexed.

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I’m surprised they’ve played Richards, Bouk and Thor as much as they have. NBA coaches don’t normally move off of vets until compelled by injuries. I mean they sent Williams to the freaking G-League smh.

In Richards case Cliff has no choice but to play him (but notably as a back-up to a not-great vet). He’s 24 though so not actually still that young.

In his behest though Thor and Kai are pretty worthless still. Thor is getting some minutes but not doing much with them. Kind of disappointed so far.

It normally should be a good assumption that your starters can be trusted down the stretch. Now granted, our starters are actually backups or role players except Terry. But most coaches like to go back to their starters to close games.

Cliff’s biggest weakness has always been in game management. I get that the B team was probably tired by that time, so its an easy call to go back to the starters. But I would’ve inserted players piecemeal instead of a whole line change, it could keep the effective players more fresh, and allow more flexibility in determining who best to close the game rather than a preset lineup.

And it is probably time to give Nick starter minutes over Plumlee.

Agreed! I will acknowledge that Plumlee has been very solid for the most part, but Nick’s rebounding ability and athleticism create a much higher ceiling, so why would we not want to expedite his development by giving him the majority of the minutes? Not to mention the fact that Nick makes infinitely more sense down the stretch in close games simply because he’s not a liability at the line.