Another night in LA

Either the tank keeps rolling or we piss off Lakers fans can’t lose

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It’s weird seeing so many guys not fearful of LeBron. I mean aside from the refs.

I think that it’s pretty obvious that the lakers should give us 27 2nd round picks for Kelly Oubre.


Watching Lebron fall multiple times and then losing his shoe on the play at the end made staying up late worth it. Only game I really want to win in tank land.


And the Bridges sighting after the game was interesting too…

I was at the game and flying back now. Awesome effort by the boys! That’s Hornets basketball!

Me thinks the woj article timing + bridges at game = upcoming trade

Terry, PJ, and Kelly with a good showcase for Lebron the GM. Great job fellas!

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Don’t believe you can trade someone that’s not under contract outside a sign and trade.

Right, sign miles and trade or S&t

I think a trade will have to wait until the off-season.

Yeah, didn’t realize he’s ineligible to be part of a S&T since the sesson started. And can’t be in a S&T in the upcoming off season because he’d not have finished under contract this season. So only viable option is straight up re-signing before season’s end or he accepts an offer sheet and goes elsewhere.

I thought they would sign him shortly after the court ruling so he could be traded at the deadline this season. Because they’ve waited until now, I suspect that the Hornets will keep him. I would guess he will be suspended and won’t play this year, and only hope the new contract is very team friendly deal in case Bridges violates the terms of probation