Getting Drilled In LA

Figured we can use it for the Clippers where we are down by 27 mid 2nd quarter now and for the Lakers where Lebron will deliver his annual beating to us no matter how crappy the Lakers are now.

Inconsistent effort drives me crazy, I just don’t get it. By the way we are down 30 now.

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Make it 33. 60-27. Bobcats flashbacks…lord

I tried the first half. I would not recommend, do not subscribe, return to sender, cancel order, block channel, go off the grid, prepare for the rapture.

I had this on when I started my ride. I didn’t have the other remote within reach so I was stuck with the game. Not sure what was more painful, Zwift or Bally.

Financially, the upside is that PJ is pouring money back into the team account.

I’m sure they’re enjoying LA. I hear there’s lots to do this time of year.

I actually tuned into this game and saw the 60-27 score and I immediately shut it down and stopped watching.

I noped out of that one in about 20 seconds.

Has Bridges made that much differance in this team??? Or did JB make that much differance in this team???. It’s hard for me to understand missing one player or a coach to go from a winning season to this???

Injuries are the biggest single cause, IMHO. But LaMelo and Bridges were very good together, and the two of them allowed Terry more freedom on offense, too. That, in turn, put less pressure on our other players to score/shoot. Proper snowball effect.