Home against the Thunder friday night

LETS GO!!! Looking for an emphatic win, and no repeat of the trap game like Orlando last week. If we’re lucky, maybe in a blowout win we’ll see the young guys get minutes? I can only dream.

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Big night for the Hornets org with this 23XI racing NASCAR collab. Heard a lot of big wigs, including Adam Silver, will be in attendance.

Anybody want to go, I have 2 tickets and to far away to weather the storm coming?

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Lets goooooooooooooooo!!!

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I will take you up on this sometime soon.

Why not tonight?

unfortunately, i have a pretty serious work meeting from 4-5 and some referral phone calls to take afterwards. I’m not as worried about the weather as others. I have AWD and lived in western NC for 6/7 years.

Please Lord, no let down tonight

you putting some money down on it tonight baby

I’ll be wearing my minty lamelo jersey tonight fellas. busting out the big guns

1k on money line.

Nostradamus says we win but don’t cover…

He works for me and knows his stuff. Also guys, I’m not with the company. Just friends… in case anyone thinks a staffer is betting.


So far, so good.

So far, still good.

Man, those all white OKC unis are really close to being hella dope. They need to keep the all white, but just outline the numbers and letters thinly with orange/blue. Also, the letter could be shaded in lightly with a blue/orange gradient.


If the OKC stripe going down the front part of the jersey had this blue to orange gradient, but the letters were still white.

We are just acting like we already won

Sloppy now. Giddey will be really good. Lots of work he needs to do.

Shai is low key one of my top 5 NBA players. It’s too bad he’s trapped in OKC where his good years are being utterly wasted. With the way OKC is managing draft picks, they might as well trade SGA for more picks.

About that, OKC has like 19 picks in the next three years?? That’s actually going to bite them in the ass. The rest of the NBA knows how many picks they have saved up, which will distort trade demands. Knowing how many picks OKC has, GMs will demand more picks in trades. GMs know that OKC isn’t going to draft 19 players lol.

I really think that all those picks are going to bite OKC in the ass.

As I’ve said before, PJ’s value now mostly comes from hitting threes. Glad he’s 6/8 tonight from 3, because he would be having another forgettable evening. I remember a couple years ago when PJ looked involved in the offense near the basket. Now, he’s just a much less athletic version of John Collins.

PJ’s ceiling is a (very) poor man’s John Collins. Sorry. He looks like a career bench role player. A journeyman big guy that’ll get work because he can occasionally get hot and knock some threes down. There’s always work for those guys.

Alright JB, we’re up 24 with less than 8 minutes left in the fourth. Give the young guys some run.

I wish I was there to yell at JB




OH SHIT GUYS. We’ve also got a Thor sighting. Richards too. Oh my god. Kai jones too.

Has JB lost his fucking mind. These rookies aren’t nearly broken enough to see the floor of an actual NBA game.