Home against the Thunder friday night

WOW. jt Thor is athletic. AND he can smooth some free throws. Did I just see this lineup on the floor to close the game? Haha



Excellent night for the good guys. I may finally get to a game Sunday against ATL. Hopefully we can keep it rolling and push for the dare I say top half of the Eastern Conference?

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Tell everyone you know about the 6 games over five hundred hornets

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This team could end up in eastern conf. championship series! We are that talented and deep and improving the longer the season goes on. ATL pulled it off, why can’t we??? Hornets about to be the darling of the NBA over the next few mnths!! Keep puttin in the work fellas!!

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I have a lot of stoke going right now for this team. Who knew having a team 6 games over .500 could provide such bliss. Sweet, sweet basketball bliss

Moves us to 10-3 over the last 13 games. When’s the last time this team had such a hot streak?

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Good win for the buzz boys. Gotta figure out though how we can keep on making winning plays on stretches where we get cold on offense like in the the start of the 3rd.

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Have to keep the ball moving. Get to the basket and the foul line and not settle for jumpers in one on one iso so much

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“What if the God of Thunder met the Thunder?….my mind is blown”

Eric Collins

“I’m giddy watching him” re: Josh Giddey


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LaMelo is also kind of struggling to make shots as of late. Good thing he’s still rebounding and assisting. Hopefully he can also bounce back in the next games

I think he needs to attack the paint more. Seems to settle for 3s. I’ve noticed lately he seems to be working his left knee on the bench. Wonder if he has a injury we don’t know about?

Unfortunate that Jalen went down tonight but think that should he be out for several games, might see some Bouk/Thor minutes

Jalen sneaky important and versatile
3rd on team +3.5/100, behind +8.2 PF Miles, +4.1 PF/C PJ
Solid #9, & despite depth carve out good minutes cause much better than rest

Depth can spread minutes around & see more next man up Ish -6.9 like we’ve done previous one outs

future Jalen replacement clone Thor better of baby bigs, but so rookie raw, no surprise back to squeezing a handful minutes from Nick in regular rotation.

Outside surprise…Vernon disappoint & I probably rag too hard on kid…but low bar to overcome here, show me up and shove Back into my face

Super outside surprise…swarm good and versatile combo forwards X Sneed or Kulboka get call and step up

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Thor is someone to watch - he came in and was just trying to dunk on people - he has a fluidity to his game I didn’t realize before. Dare I say this - I see a little Giannis in his game. And I thought Kai was going to be that - and he still may be.

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Yep :100:.

I saw him sky for a rebound, turn to dribble up the floor, and then look straight to going to the basket to yam it.

I was like, yo!!! this kids got hops and could be an absolute menace. The hornets team gets a little bit too comfortable with drive and kick to shoot from three a lot. Which is good, because those shots are worth three points and the team is great at them. But I do miss seeing guys really get at it and attack the basket. Miles does this well, but we could use another.

It’s seeing those highlights of the young guys at the end of the fourth that validate my bitching about JB not playing the young guy enough. Super interesting potential in Thor, and I’ve liked a lot of what I’ve seen from the tiny sample size of Bouknight.

I think that’s an organizational decision though Powell. I mean they can go 10 deep when everyone is healthy and although some guys have been in and out, if the organization wants you to prioritize winning over development - which I agree with based on where we are - then you have to follow the edict.

We have seen McDaniels and Martin be products of their current development plan so I can’t hate too much on what they’re doing right now.


Okay, here’s where I need to start being more specific, because I think I’m being misunderstood. My bad guys.

When I say, “get minutes”, I don’t mean playing 15-20 minutes per game. Or even being a part of the rotation. I mean, just getting into games more often.

Like In New York on MLK day I think we were up 20 with 5 minutes left in the fourth quarter and we still aren’t getting the young guys in the game.

That’s what I’m talking about. There’s plenty of times like that we could be getting the young guys into the game. I don’t think we need to move heaven and earth to find the rookies 5-6 minutes here and there.

Unless you guys think we need Miles and Lamelo in the game when we’re up 20 late in the fourth quarter.

I am sure coach greatly appreciates pointing out why token time not given out to rookies and garbage squad.
Last 6 minutes Knicks closed game on a 16-3 run.