The Joker In Town Tonight

I have two upper level tickets for tonight’s game against the Nuggets if someone wants them. Reply here or shoot me a PM.

I have 2 extra lowers for sale as well. Selling them face value, which is $67 per ticket. I had a bunch and they are a hot commodity so wanted to offer it up here. 116 row X, $134 all in for 2 seats, you can go in the Season ticket entrance at 5:30 (30 mins before gen public)

Man I wish I still lived in Charlotte, only a few more months till I’m back

Love they are hanging in there in the first. Hope they keep fighting and pick the defense up a bit.

You guys… I’d never thought I’d like Mason Plumlee but I do. Love his fight.

Good half for a back to back night - Melo got some good rest in the 2nd that will help a lot

If Terry can get going that would be lovely

Ok, I think we’ve now witnessed two of the most ridiculous ejections in the history of the NBA now with this one and Oubre’s earlier this season. Not sure what Trez did to get tossed there.

What in the hell is with these refs man? We get screwed so much.

Refs are some bullshit tonight I’m sorry

Need to really figure out whats going on with refs. Theres gotta be some sort of deeply rooted conspiracy at this point. NOBODY gets screwed over quite like us. And Lamelo got undercut end of 3, no call

They screwed the Nuggets too…just flat out bad. Good grief

Terry literally got hit more on a 3 than Mirris did on the other end ROGHT in front of Kennedy. Reminder, spread is Nugs by 2. On some bs tonight

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It’s hard to be mad at the guys tonight man. It really is


Such a tough game…. But I’m not mad. We played hard and never gave up. I still feel good about the team.

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They had their chances. Couple of misses when they were getting stops hurt. Terry’s runner, Melo’s floater, Miles with a bad 3 attempt. They played well enough to win.

Guys played pretty well tonight, just ran out of gas. NBA officiating is the most inconsistent, if not the worst of the major sports. Got to be improved.


For the want of a rebound. So close

My wife and I have hated Kennedy for about 5 years now . He give us crap all the way back to Big ALs days if not befor.