Home against the Thunder friday night

Agreed E, that our non-starters produced a total of 7pts seems largely to explain why coach might not go further into the bench as NY made that game look far closer than it was or should have been.

No no. They completely took their foot off the gas. Just like we did briefly in the 3 quarter against OKC.

We’re trying to milk the clock, hit a late three in the shot clock. The game was decided. Doesn’t have to put ALL the guys young in, but at least someone could see the floor

Getting back to Thor, I agree completely that he plays with a fluidity that’s rarely seen in a rookie, especially one who doesn’t play a lot. JB mentioned it earlier when he said he just looks like he belongs out there. I think he was speaking specifically about his defensive presence when he said that, but I think on both ends he looks incredibly comfortable. I love his aggressiveness and his stroke. His shots haven’t fallen but when they do this kid could be something special.


I think we have really done well in drafting Miles, Tae, Cody, PJ, Jalen, Ball, Bouk and Thor. At the end of the day, it might those 2nd round guys that prove as critical to our future success as the lotto picks. And like you guys, I have a lot of belief that Thor might really outplay his draft spot.

Not totally sure what to expect out of Kai and Nick. I like the premise, and think even if they both completely bomb out, along with VCJ, that’s still a hell of a great track record.

Also strange to realize we still have VCJ under contract for 3 more years in the super cheap in case he does find his footing.


As soon as he was on the floor, I almost immediately said “whoa”, watching him move. What was that sequence? Skying for a rebound, dribbling the ball himself up the court, and then gliding to the rim for the throw down jam attempt? Then went to the free throw line where he swished the free throws.

During that thor sequence I think my sequences of exclamations went, “whoa-wow-WOW”

I agree that the FO’s ability to mine talent in the 2nd round has and will factor heavily into our success. Cody and McDaniels are already valuable rotation pieces. We got 2 productive years out of Devonte and then cashed him in for a 1st. And though not their level, I’d consider Nick to be a serviceable back up. And of course, Thor has shown tremendous potential.

We’ve got some difficult decisions ahead as we won’t be able to keep all these guys plus Bouk and Kai. At some point we’ll need to make decisions on who to keep, who to pay etc., but at a minimum they are assets that can be packaged and flipped at the right time for other assets as with Devonte. After more than a decade of squandered picks in both rounds, it’s a refreshing change to be in this position.


Use a lot of cheap 2nd rounders to fill out rebuild roster with good results for 2nd round picks, just get any here great and 3/9 made rotation
we have 1? previous 13 years.

Bouk & Kai timeline can worry, but got a couple short term just in case contracts, Oubre & Plum.

cheap players lead to…
…sign Miles great
…other cap $ to improve team, not nearly as great, but OK, moving forward
…save MJ money & keep under cap, 13 players at 116 of 119, that will suck, and expect Mitch leaves.

If MJ commit $, Hornets NEVER over luxury. Can still match Miles at 30, cut Ish 4.7, use sign a PG & Pelicans 2nd keep under 146 luxury.

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I think this is very on point. They can be as valuable to us in trade as on the court. Especially in aggregation with other contracts or each other’s.

I like reading your posts man. Very logical