Kings visit charlotte on a friday

LETS GO! Hopefully those two close losses to the 76ers got this team fired up. Love this team and tonight’s a great night to get back in the win column. Let’s see how things go against Holmes.


Letsss gooooooooo!

Dude I wish! If I didn’t have stuff going on later tonight I’d make the two hour drive! Next time.

If you ever have extra tickets or can’t go, let me know. I’d be happy to well represent someone!

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I have not checked with anyone but hopefully we get several guys back tonight.

So my guess… we pull a Hornets move and play down to the Kings. I hope not, but I just have that feeling. If we play like we did against the Bucks and 76ers… we should win pretty easily.

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I thought those guys would be out a few weeks. But that would be amazing.

hate to be the bearer of … well, news

Ok, noone, I mean noone move in your chair or let a butterfly flap its wings. We’re in the endgame now

So we basically will have to play Bouknight at Center?

Coach says Kai needs to be ready to go and JT could play some 5.

I just took Miles over 21.5.


Damn WTF…put Oubre, Hayward, Miles, Martin in bubble until others can get back and call up all the g-league.

Martin show tonight.

Crap coaching man, why we playing 4 dudes 40+ minutes the last 2 matches just to end up 0-2.

The Kings seem to have our number

Bouknight read about Powell complaints

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Hey James. Those minutes look good on you.

“Oh you like Sengun let me get double his career high”

Thor, Bouknight, Kai jones all on the floor getting crunch time 4th quarter minutes. And look competent.

It took the roster being depleted to get JB to finally give the kids some fucking playing time.

But here we are. Play Bouknight coach JB.


Man, I say this with love: the “coach won’t play dude” is the most tiring take we have. We heard it forever with Monk. Now Monk is playing the most minutes he’s ever played and doing worse than last season.

Players will earn minutes. Coach will play guys that give us the best chance to win. I’d rather just enjoy a break out game than make it some kind of FU statement to the coach.

We’re all on the same team. Bouknight looks very promising and should be a great player. Let’s just enjoy that and hope he continues to develop.