All Hallow's Eve at the Spectrum Center

Our boys take on the challenge from the Kings of Sac Town. Here’s to hoping for a evening of treats.

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Terry, Ball, Cody are still out. We can win this game if we keep up the performance.

I predict we will resemble moths more than hornets and lose to the Kings tonight.

34-24 good guys after 1

Man I like a Kit Kat on Halloween. Starburst too

I like Butterfingers, Twix and Skittles as well as Starburst

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Davion Mitchell 2-12 from 3 this season.

3-3 tonight. Hornets Law


I admittedly said that the jury should be out for a little longer than poeple were saying when it comes to James Bouknight but he so far has been very disappointing. I would prefer at this point that he gets very little playing time.

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Hack a Plumlee time!

Oh, he will get no playing time soon. We have Terry, Melo, and Cody coming back. Then there is DSJ and Maledon on the bench (even Oubre).

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I am conditioned to expecting the worst. I hope we take care of business tonight.

DSJ quickly becoming one of my favorite players

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67-52 good guys at the half

I’m hitting up some Milk Duds

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Plumlee is ballin tonight. Alex Len, good lord he looks horrible. Can’t believe I wanted us to draft him back in the day


Not everyone can bat a thousand


I fear a choke job coming.

Don’t worry its just the 3rd quarter hornets. We will be better in 4th.

What are we doing? I feel like I’ve seen this before.

I thought Dellavedova retired? Good grief

Wartch him have a career night against us all the way to a Kings win.

Offensively we can’t hit a thing. Hayward is off and they heated up something serious