Late night in Sacramento

Feel like we never play well against the kings

Nick with 11 and 7 and a lot of defense at the rim in like 5 mins. You can see why he gets less mins than Mason.

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BASKETBALL. They’re playing it!

Hornets are really squandering a good opportunity to lose another road game. Blowing it.

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Harrison Barnes really screwing up our chances of losing another game. And the kings missing a ton of free throws. Cmon Sacramento, make some of those free throws bang.

PJ Washington is absolute hot garbage y’all.

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LaMelo needs to limit the bad fouls. That’s one place where we need him to make improvement.

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Oubre should start at the s/g position , 31 points 10 boards again tonight
McDaniels is out playing Washington
MY FIVE are BALL. Oubre, Hayward, McDanials, Richards, With Plumlee , Washington, Terry, off the bench.



I think coming off the bench might inject a bit of humility into Terry. The frustration being that he actually can defend. It’s the want that’s the problem.

Likewise, we have a choice to make with both McDaniels and PJ at the season’s end. Let’s give McDaniels a proper run.

I’m looking forward to a DSL, LaMelo, Kelly, McDaniels, Richards lineup. We might actually be acceptable on D with that lineup. I defy DSJ’s D not to rub off on LaMelo and Kelly.

Kelly really has earned the starring spot. I just seems wrong bringing him off the bench at this point.

I’m glad we won this game, but we again were awful the last minute. We for some reason, no matter the coach…. Can not get inbound the ball. We’ve made it look so hard for the past 10 years it seems.

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At this point, every win is a loss

I have no doubt you’d ask for the money back.


When a man says he’s thirsty it means if anyone has a glass of water, I’d love a sip.

You know what, screw you biiiily

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That’s it, I am going to the car and getting my other gun. Then I am shooting everybody

I am on a roll now

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I’m completely on board with starting Oubre. Probably the most consistent player we’ve had.

Love Terry, but think he needs to be consistent with health before he’s back in the starting lineup.

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I saw that rozier left the Denver game early, but I wasn’t able to watch much of the game. What’s the deal with Terry?

Has Gordon’s wife given us a tweet about Terry’s injury and timeline for return?

Fell hard on his side and has a bruised hip or something. It seems real and he should be back soon.

Oubre leads the league in deflections . He has become a very good plus defender this year . And he isn’t just a spot up shooter any more . He will take you off the drive. I hated him last year but his game has elvolved tons .

We always seem to do well with late nights in Sacramento.

Melo looked like a legit bona fide star the 2nd half. He was aggressive, hunting for for his shot, nailing deep shots or getting into the paint with ease (even had a nasty put back dunk). This is the kinda step I wanted to see, to see if he had that next level to put him in that upper echelon. What made it great was it seemed effortless too.

Of course, to become a great closer, he must learn 2 crucial things. Stop giving up easy unnecessary fouls early in the game. When he gets frustrated, he just reaches for no good reason to stop the play. Guards shouldn’t regularly be in foul trouble.

The most important next step in his evolution is learning how to get fouled. Not in the annoying way like Trae young or Chris Paul, but knowing how to get guys off balance and lean into you, or pump faking to get an easy and one opportunity. Once he gets to like 7-8 fts per game, he will be one of those closers at the end of games that are impossible to stop from scoring.

Oubre gets a shout out, looks really good starting rather than off the bench. Again, great showcase game for a 1st round pick, or (against everything some of the board believes in) showing that he’s worth keeping around. It could be fools gold, as was shown at the end of last year, but also could be him finally learning and understanding the game better to eliminate bad decision making, and he could be a valued grown up the team needs to go along with its youth.

I’m strongly entering the mindset that Jalen should be our focused resigning next offseason rather than PJ. Jalen is improving on his once every other game good showing, while PJ is still stuck on his once a week good performance.

Over the last 10, Jalen is averaging 12.5 points on 48% (and 96% ft, but only 28% from 3), 4.5 rebounds, 2.5 assists and a steal. PJ is averaging 11 points on a godawful 32% from the floor, and worse 3 point %. 5.4 rebounds is more than SF Jalen, but pitiful for a starting PF averaging over 30 minutes a game.

Jalen could be had much cheaper, PJ should definitely be a added piece to trade discussions.

And I hope DSJ gets back soon, but Maledon would be a great backup pg to keep around as a smart, ball caring caretaker. I feel like it will be a choice between the 2, but only one has been playing.

Good win, can’t lose them all. Still in the top 2.


I’ve moved into the latter camp, although I realize I’m likely there alone. I think 1st round picks are often fools gold. Any 1st we’d get for Kelly would almost certainly be lottery protected. The chances that a player taken mid to late will wind up being as good or better than Kelly are unlikely. I’d like to see if we can re-sign him for a reasonable number and if not, possibly pursue a S&T.

To your earlier point about Lamelo’s evolution into a superstar, I agree he’s taken another step in that direction. I know everyone wants to tear it down. But I don’t think that’s a sound strategy when you have a budding superstar. At least not if you want to keep him. I think you have to find ways to put (and keep) talented pieces around your superstar. And Kelly is a talented piece.

I’m already there. Jalen has demonstrated that he can be effective in an expanded role, and as you mentioned, will be cheaper to keep than PJ. I like PJ, but he’s not worth the amount he will want.


I second your whole comment. My thoughts are the same.